Jewelry is something that has to do with emotions. Bridal Jewelry is the most exquisite aspect of a wedding. Coordinating your jewelry is a tedious task. Moreover you have to be cautious while choosing it to display your incongruous  beauty. Besides your Jewelry  also defines your style statement . On the other hand it is really essential  to pick the right kind of Jewelry to give you that flawless look on your D-Day.

Don on the perfect bridal Jewelry!!

So here we have tried a bit to ease your work and have listed few latest bridal Jewelry design for every Indian bride.

1) Polki bridal Jewelry set

Polki are the uncut diamonds which are genuinely used for making bridal jewelry. As compared to others  Polki stones have a raw look and they are quite expensive as compared to others. They give the rich look that almost every bride looks for in her wedding jewelry. Their  antique look and will make sure you look like a queen of Royal Gharana when you wear them.

2) Golden jewelry set

Every Indian is obsessed with gold. Gold is the most important aspect of a bridal jewelry. It is said to be very auspicious and hence is used extensively in every Indian wedding. Gold jewelry look royal and heavy and falls beautifully on a bride which makes her look breathtakingly beautiful. Every bride has a desire to wear to pure gold jewels which makes her look like a Rani Sahiba of old times. Gold jewelry gives you that rich magnificent look.


bridal jewellery

3) Bridal diamond choker set

Chokers are these days latest trend in the fashion world. These are the heavenly looking necklaces in precious stones with exclusively cut diamonds which can make any bride look glamorous on her wedding day. Diamonds with rubies, emeralds, sapphires etc are the most beautiful and classic chokers. The shine of diamonds in these chokers is something no one can resist. These chokers can be flaunted by the brides on her D-Day for the glamorous look that they have always watched brides wear on the television.


bridal jewellery

4) Kundan jewelry set

Kundan is very popular in jewelry designs. A bride looks absolutely ravishing in a kundan bridal jewelry set. Kundan is basically a form of Rajasthani wedding jewelry. It is the work of expensive stones in gold. Kundan gold jewelry completes the bridal look of a woman and makes her look very elegant on her wedding day. It takes a lot of hard work in making these jewelries which makes it quite valuable.


bridal jewellery

5) Bridal pearl jewelry set

Pearls are those beads which look beautiful of any girl, irrespective of her skin color. These beautiful pearl jewelry can be a perfect match for the reception look. Pearls with diamonds or pearls with any kind of stones can redefine class, elegance and beauty. It definitely will make you look heavenly. Pearls with diamonds will give that amazing shine during the night time. Pearls are the gesture for grandeur and royalty.

6) Ruby wedding jewelry set

Ruby has been used in bridal jewelry sets since ages. Antique ruby with beautiful jhumkas can be wore by any girl on her wedding day. Ruby with gold can give you the antique look with the traditional touch for your special day. They can make you look like a beautiful princess on your big day.



7. Trendy Temple bridal Jewelry

Temple jewelry is receiving a lot of popularity as it comes with striking designs. You’ll see most of the south Indian brides carrying temple jewelry . The design comes with fine detailing . Goddess Saraswathi, Lord Ganesh, Goddess Lakshmi, etc. are the usual idols you can find. It gives you that enticing look for your D-Day.




Bridal jewelry should complement your lehenga very beautifully. Choose it carefully and wisely for your perfect wedding look.