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While planning your wedding shopping, the main detail that you need to give utmost attention and consideration to, is the jewellery. Picking the right kind of jewellery can be tricky and this is why Malabar Gold and Diamonds has launched a beautiful wedding jewellery collection for the various brides in India.

This year the exclusive Brides of India collection by Malabar Gold and Diamonds, has a wide range of wedding jewellery that you will absolutely love to choose from, be it Chokers, Rani haars, Kadas, and other neckpieces. The collection has a good mix of beautiful traditional and contemporary wedding jewellery that any girl would love to own.

  • Polki Diamond Jewellery

Polki jewellery is perfect for women who likes jewellery pieces with vivid patterns and a perfect shine. Polki diamonds have a natural and attractive shine that is rightly captured in the jewellery designs from Malabar Gold and Diamonds. Polki diamond sets can complement and blend well with most other varieties of jewellery – which is exactly what every bride needs for her wedding. Also, this line can easily pair up with contemporary pastel attire, giving it a traditional yet graceful look.

Polki diamond

  • South Indian Diamond

South Indian brides usually love to layer up their jewellery pieces. Malabar Gold and Diamonds through their new collection has shown how this can be done with diamond jewellery as well. Elegant chokers with intricate designs coupled with uniquely designed diamond necklaces of different lengths can create a luxurious appearance for brides.

The diamond studded waist belt (kamarband)from Malabar Gold and Diamonds gives the South Indian Diamond bride a graceful appearance. An ornate piece of Maang Tikka or a Matha Patti is a highlight which makes her look like a princess. The elegantly designed Jhumkas, gold bangles, Vaddanam (waist belt), Vanki (armlet), anklets and rings from Malabar Gold and Diamonds completes the overall bridal look.

South Indian diamond

  • Diamond Jewellery

If you are looking for some gorgeous diamond jewellery inspiration for your wedding, then you are at the right place. Malabar Gold and Diamonds knows how to put a hint of a tradition in every jewellery piece they create, even in their diamond jewellery collection. The diamond choker paired with the one-of-a-kind earrings from their new Brides of India range is a stunning choice for the bride-to-be and her bridesmaids be it at a Christian wedding or a wedding reception.

diamond jewellery

diamond jewellery

  • Handcrafted Gold Jewellery

The classic handcrafted gold jewellery will never go out of style at Indian weddings. There’s no better jewellery expert to go to regarding authentic hand-crafted traditional jewellery other than Malabar Gold and Diamonds. Be it the bride’s mom or the bride herself, these traditional and beautifully carved gold jewellery from the Brides of India collection does wonders to accentuate the overall look.

gold jewellery

  • Temple Jewellery

Malabar Gold and Diamonds refreshes the ancient customs with their touch of style through their beautiful Temple jewellery designs. Though temple Jewellery is typically popular in the Southern regions of India, the new collection from Brides of India can be worn by any bride who would love to have a traditional look for their wedding.

temple jewellery

Temple jewellery is known mainly for the motifs of Gods and Goddesses that are elegantly carved on gold. Layering this jewellery with multiple neck pieces and a statement earrings completes the traditional look with an elegant grace.

temple jewellery

wedding jewellery

  • Kundan Jewellery

Kundan jewellery has its own charm that makes it stand out at any wedding. This is perfectly captured in the Kundan wedding collection curated by Malabar Gold and Diamonds.

Pairing a choker with a long statement Kundan necklace as showcased by the Malabar Gold and Diamonds’ Gujarati Bride is a style that you can definitely try for your special day. The Chand Maang Teeka with similar work completes the look for the lady-of-the-hour.

bridal jewellery

Malabar Gold and Diamonds understands the culture and flavour of every region in India perfectly and very gracefully exhibits this through their jewellery

Every bride has a hint of her culture, tradition and values that often reflects in their wedding attire. The vast collection of Malabar Gold and Diamonds makes it an ideal wedding jewellery destination for setting up your bridal jewellery goals!