Bridal juda hairstyles

Whatever you decide to wear, when it comes to hair, we’ve got you covered with these stunning Bridal Juda Hairstyles or Bridal Buns.

The day you’ve been dreaming about since you were 10 is finally here. Your dress is ready to make people drool. Your makeup is on point. You’re on your A-game with Accessories. Now it’s time for the Make or Break part of your dream look. Its Hair time!

Now, why having the perfect hairstyle is a make or break you ask? Let me tell you, it’s not just about bringing the look together but about bringing comfort and style together. The wedding dress (well, most of them) weighs as much as a Japanese Sumo wrestler and just imagine the hassle if you decide to let your hair down in between the million wedding ceremonies your hair will be all over the place.

7 Stunning Bridal Juda Hairstyles For Contemporary Brides

Now there is no need to be afraid. Because we’ve got you covered with these absolutely stunning Juda hairstyles that don’t look like the ones CCTV aunties all over the country wear and will suit perfectly for your classy and elegant contemporary wedding.

1) The Beautifully Braided High Updo

Bridal juda hairstyles

Source: Hairstyle hub (Pinterest)

The first one on our bridal Juda hairstyles list is a high Juda with a twist. You can play with this hairdo making it as messy or neat as you like. It’s your simple French braid that just ‘started from the bottom'(* Sings in drake *) and gives a beautiful bun on top. You can add a few curled bangs in the front and decorate the braid with flowers or pearls and you’re going to make heads turn.

2) The Ravishing Rose Bun

rose bun

Source: @samirasjewelry (Instagram) via Pinterest

Now this one will pull people in like a black hole to you with compliments. It looks like a lot of effort but you just have to roll with it. What makes this even better is the top braided part which gives it a 360° slay look. This hairdo looks best on dresses with low and deep backlines.

3) The Pretty Precious Pearl Studded Hairdo

pearl studded hair do

Pretty Hairstyles (Pinterest)

This pretty neat look won’t need your dress in every frame to bring the glam. Because it ‘shines bright like a diamond’ by itself! This look is easily achievable with a ton of hairspray and a few pearls and diamond pins to make you look like a million bucks!

4) The Gorgeous Gajra Juda

gajra juda

Source:poojasonikhairandmakeup via Pinterest

Number 4 on our list is a little more desi than the others and if your style is vintage, this juda with a good old gajra is perfect for you. You’ll not only get a tremendous amount of volume on your head you’ll also smell wonderful. You can play around with the front part depending on the head accessories you choose to wear.

5) The Soft Side Bun

side bun

Source: via Pinterest

This hairdo just shifts to the side the traditional center buns giving it the most modern look. With this hairstyle, side profile pictures will be a sure shot hit. You can accessorize this look with artificial flowers or real ones. A few loose curled bangs in the front complete this hairdo for a soft classy look.

6) The Crystal Crown

Bridal juda hairstyles

Source: via Pinterest

This look is for all you princess brides out there. It’s a gorgeous hairdo that comes from all over the crown area on your head and gathers behind the neck. You can choose to braid your hair from the front or twist it and add a beautiful shiny headpiece like the one shown above. This will give everyone Queen Elsa vibes and works perfectly with veils.

7) The Dependable Donut Bun!

donut bun

Source: @thestyles_bysha (Istagram) via Pinterest

Last but not least to wrap it up we have our favourite and dependable donut bun. I mean you just can’t go wrong with donuts, can you? This hairdo is definition simple and classy. You can dress it up as much as you want with headpieces or flowers or pearls. This is not only perfect for the bride but all you bridesmaids out there this can be your go-to. Not only bridesmaids the moms of the special two can also rock this look.

So there you have it 7 beautiful bridal Juda hairstyles you can take inspiration from to slay your special day and keep people talking about it for the days to come. To go with your gorgeous hair you and make you look like the diva you are you’re going to need radiant glowing skin and make up that would freeze people in a look. So check out our articles on How to be skin ready for your D-Day and Bridal Makeup For Every Bride Of India