Since the year is already seeing a major change in terms of fabrics, cuts, and silhouettes, and they are bold yet lightweight, and often effortless and enjoyable. Brides are bound to be off-beat, unique, and special these days. The overall bride looks have also been changed to some extent. 

Take a look at what’s in store for brides this year as far as the patterns in bride lehenga for 2020 are concerned, so check this out and get excited!

1. Lehenga with Jackets

This lehenga style jacket is a new trend these days. Get creative with rich and trendy designs of jackets. With several layers, it gives designers the chance to use various fabrics and even to play around with tones of color, lace, and even contrasting colors. This style suits any type of body. Lehenga style jacket is ideal to cover all the flaws from skinny to chubby.


2. Trail Lehenga

The inspiration for lehengas with trails comes from Christian wedding dresses. The entire outfit gives the bride a princess feel. Nowadays, Trail lehengas are in great fashion as many designers have come out with the trail lehenga collection. With their light green lehenga with the trail, the couture brand Sulakshana Monga will certainly get you to notice her collection.


3. Lehenga Style Saree

With the development of fashion and style, creative designs have launched gorgeous lehenga type saree, which has become elegant and trendy. The great thing about the saree design of lehenga is that it’s elegant, edgy, and simple to use. The lehenga comes with side zip and hooks that work beautifully and sits tightly around the waist. There are also affordable pre-stitched lehenga sarees that are available these days. Or for the desired result, you can carry an A-line lehenga and drape a dupatta like saree pallu.


4. Mermaid Lehenga Choli

Mermaid lehenga is ideal for girls or ladies looking to flaunt their curves. They ‘re well fitted around the waist but flared around the knees. This silhouette is often called, in terms of the Indian ethnic wear, a fish cut. Women almost always go for a more modern-looking blouse to suit it while wearing the latest lehenga fish cut. The lehenga itself is so unique and stylish that matching it with a boring choli is not sensible. Long cholis with the fish cut lehenga are almost never worn; instead, short, corset style blouses are the standard. Wear body shaper in your torso underneath, before wearing this type of lehenga.


5. Anarkali Paired with Lehenga

An Anarkali suit is a classic outfit that is evergreen and a favorite of all time. This style developed in the Mughal period. According to tales, Mughal Empress wore full covered Anarkali’s with long skirts and veil in order to follow the old traditions. But today, in terms of royal style, several designers have launched pairing of Anarkali with lehenga. The flexibility is such that with the ease of an Anarkali it can give you the princess-like look of a lehenga. You can be sure this figure-flattering lehenga would make you feel like a diva with delicate fabrics like georgette and silk.


6. Sharara Style Lehenga Choli

Gharara or Sharara lehengas are in a trend that is influenced by the Muslim community. Particularly curved girls prefer these types of lehenga because it flawlessly hides their curves. Sharara is made of heavy fabrics with heavy flares and partial dividers. A lot of Muslim girls wear Gharara for their wedding functions. Nowadays, designers have done numerous experiments with Sharara designs. Loose and fitted Sharara with a long choli of lightweight fabrics is simple to carry.


We hope this blog gave you an idea about wedding lehenga for 2020 brides. Please let us know your favorite design in the comments section below.