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Are you looking for a guide that tells you about lehenga stitching encyclopedia? Your search ends here! We have shortlisted some important yet fancy pins that one should consider before getting the lehenga stitched. No matter if you are the lady of the hour or the bridesmaid, we all wish for the dream fit lehenga. Get your checklist ladies!

Blouse Neckline

blouse design

Some blouse necklines are so pretty that we don’t have a second thought. However, you should always consider the jewellery that you are going to pair with the dress. Every blouse neckline comes out beautifully if paired with the right jewellery.

Cup Size

bra cup for lehenga

Get your cup size customized. We have got different breasts in all different sizes. So, not one standard cup size of the blouse goes with all. Ask your craftsman to customize the cup size. The blouse fits perfectly only when the right cup size complements it. Also, when you are looking for backless blouse design then this is a pin that you must focus on.

Skirt Belt

lehenga stitching

Don’t we all wish for a slimmer look when wearing a lehenga? We all do, right? Haphazardly, some ladies ask for a smaller belt size to tuck the tummy in. That’s not right way though. The belt of the skirt should be influenced with the Dor of the belt. If there are wrinkles on the belt then the belt is too big. Similarly, if it stretches then it’s too small. After tieing the knot there shouldn’t be any wrinkles or stretches. This way the lehenga will definitely give you a slimmer look that you wish for!

Skirt length

lehenga stitching

Deciding the length of the skirt is no less than solving a Sudoku problem. Neither too long nor too short but perfect length of skirt. Have a thought of heels that you would be wearing against it. Heel size added to the length of the legs gives you the skirt length. That’s the formula you should use while deciding the length of the skirt. Remember if the skirt will be too long in the front then it might collide while walking.

Dupatta length

lehenga stitching

The length of the dupatta needs your attention, girl. The ideal length should be somewhere between 2.25 metres to 2.50 metres long. If the dupatta will be shorter than this then it might create a problem in creating the ideal look. However, the longer length dupatta can be set into various styles but not the ideal one.

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Blouse Belt

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The belt of the blouse is another important part of an ideal fitting lehenga. The belt of the blouse shouldn’t be too tight. It can create a bulging stomach appear in those lovely pictures.

Internal Hooks

lehenga stitching

If you are wearing a blouse and a vest underneath then this one’s for you. Ask your craftsman to put internal hooks on shoulders. It will let your blouse stay on the shoulder perfectly. However, without internal hooks the blouse might leave the shoulder and create a mess.


lehenga stitching

Fancy tassels look so lovely. Don’t they? Selection of tassels is another tough job. Too heavy tassels might be difficult to tie. While too light may not give a fancy look to your dream lehenga. So, what’s the solution? Choose tassels that have hanging in it. It gives it a fancy yet heavy appearance. Slay with your tassels, girls.

Lehenga Volume

lehenga stitching

Now, the final factor is here. The volume and density of the lehenga skirt play an impressive role in the appearance. Adding 24 kalis to the skirt adds up tons of weight of cloth. Don’t you worry! Here is a solution. Add Can-Can underneath the skirt. The sheets of Can-Can will add volume with each layer. The twirl you always wanted is now easy with this solution. Meanwhile, if you want to add original flare touch to the skirt. Then top the last skirt cloth layer with some kalis and a Can-Can sheet underneath. This will add volume as well as that traditional ancient look to the lehenga skirt.

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With this, your guide to lehenga stitching ends. Keeping these important things in mind will make sure that you get the fit that you have always wanted. You will get the best of the fairy lehenga that you were asking for.