The wedding is nearing and the bells ringing louder as each hour passes by. You sit in your bed clenching your covers tight with eyes wide up and lips pressed. Your heart is beating faster and a rush of adrenaline passing through inside your body, it’s a rush of joy, loads of lovely shopping, amusement and along with it comes to a dash of fear. Fear of a new life, like what it’s going to be.

But, more than anything it’s a fear that you won’t just by chance lose the magnificent opportunity of grabbing all eyes rolling towards you make you feel overwhelmed and jaw dropping gorgeous.

bridal make-up

Well, if this is your fear, you can relax! Because, here are some unknown hands-on bridal makeup and beauty regime hacks you can rely upon.

The first and the foremost, never rely totally on your bridal make-up to make you look flawless! Yes, you got that right. Although these days in the market are a number of instant bridal make-up products to hide your blemishes but if the skin is well maintained and naturally radiant, even the slightest of makeup would make you look better than the latter.

bridal make-up

Start to care for your skin as soon as possible using natural products like lemon and honey pack which work best for bleaching and skin softening, coffee and sugar scrub for superior exfoliation and aloe vera for glowing skin etc. These will help in naturally improving your skin texture so when you finally get ready for the D-day you will actually look like a queen.

Second comes your diet. Maintaining your healthy diet is quite difficult in a marriage home but your health and looks matter the most rather than savouring your tastes.

An Adequate amount of all the vitamins and minerals is essential for you. So make sure you are getting all those greens and beans in your food.  Consider taking multivitamins and protein supplements because your daily nutrition may lack in some.  Also, make sure you exercise well at least 5 days in a week.

bridal make-up

Simple Bridal Make-up Tips

So when you have acquired all the natural bridal beauty that you should have, looking beautiful and feeling sexy from within won’t be much of an issue.

1) Always cleans, pat dry and moisturise your face before you put on your base.

2)  When choosing your foundation make sure it merges well on your skin and gives it a brighter look.

3) Now, when you choose to start your makeup, choose one part of your face to catch attention. If you want to go for heavy eye makeup then colour your lips light or neutral. And, if you want bright full lips, consider your eye makeup to be silent. For example, you can choose bright reds and pinks if you have fuller lips and if you have long dramatic eyes consider concentrating on your eyes more.

4) You can add bronzer to the areas where there is a slight depression like sides of your eyes and sides of your chin, but not on your chin. Then, add blush on your cheeks working up to your ears. Choose a cream blusher than a dry one to make your blush look natural and radiant.

5) Never, play with your eyeliner by using some other colour than black. Black is the best.

Get to know your eyes well, eye shapes i.e almond, round or hooded eyes. Apply your eyeliner and eyeshadow according to your eyes to make them look more enchanting.

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6) Use highlighter wherever necessary for example your check bone and under brow areas. This will add up more shine to your features.

7) Always match your makeup with your attire although you can opt for bright lipsticks that go well in contrast to your dress if you wish to.

bridal make-up

8) Make sure your lip liner is one shade darker than your lipstick. It will help you give your lips a finish and stop the colour to bleed. (Please note: never apply darkest of browns as a lipliner unless you are going to apply a darker shade of lipstick. Dark brown/pink/red lipliner is quite common with a light shade of lipstick in India. Mind you, that looks horrible.)

bridal make-up

9)  If you are not a pro in putting makeup yourself and/or you want to opt for a salon styled makeup, do make sure you share your views on your looks instead of completely relying on the bridal make-up artist unless you are the expert hands of Vidya Tikari!

So now that you have almost all your makeup tips, get ready to have a blast!

bridal make-up