India is a wonderful land rich with social legacy, dialects flourish, and decent variety after each state fringe. With a profound established confidence in ceremonies and religion, our territory is an awesome diverse blend of the new and the old flavors. What’s more, with regards to weddings, the assorted variety is truly stunning. Particularly with regards to the lady of the hour. Here are bridal makeup looks from different parts of the country.

A bride is the most looked for after individual at any wedding, regardless of which locale or religion she has a place with. Each eye persistently hangs tight for a look at the bride, and everybody anticipates her entry with bated breaths, and which is all well and good. So feel free to, investigate a portion of the wonderful bridal looks from crosswise over India which show how differing our nation is!

Traditional Bridal Look

bridal makeup look

The quintessential north Indian lady is decked in brilliant hues, normally red. It indicates flourishing and joy, and is viewed as very favorable. Defined eyebrows, nude lips and thick liner looks so gorgeous. However, the look is completed with a maroon Bindi of not so big size. The traditional bridal look is achieved successfully.

Punjabi Brides

bridal makeup

The delightful Punjabi lady fundamentals incorporate comparable gear that makes an Punjabi-Hindu wedding. Mehendi being an extremely significant component, the bride decorates her hand and feet. Punjabi brides go bold with the eyes. Also, put false lashes to make the eyes look more dramatic and more Punjabi. Finish the look with a matching Bindi and lip color.

Sikh Bridal Look

bridal makeup

Sikh bride can be seen wearing either a lehenga or an adorned Salwar Kameez in a lively shading. The Sikh bride additionally wears Kaleere and a Chooda that are a significant piece of most Punjabi and Sikh weddings. A winged liner and pink nude lips looks lovely on every bride. Cheeks with flawless tint and exemplary highlighting completes the look. Give a final touch to the look with a white stone Bindi and don’t you forget to smile!

Kashmiri Bridal Makeup

bridal makeup look

Kashmiri ladies are extremely beautiful, in actuality as lovely as Kashmir itself.  Soft and basic makeup is a known factor of Kashmiri brides. Kashmiri Brides usually wear a Pheran, a Kalpush-the headgear, alongside conventional bridal jewellery.Romantic Makeup goes perfect with Kashmiri brides. Also, pink lips along with subtle eye shadows crowns the bridal makeup. Adorn the headgear with embroidery and wear traditional Kashmiri jewellery.

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Marathi Bridal Look

marathi bridal makeup

Yellow, green, red and purple are extremely favorite of Marathi brides. Marathi brides ordinarily wear Paithani sarees in these hues. The mundavalya is a unisex adornment worn by both the bride and the groom. It’s typically a two-stringed pearl over the forehead, with two strings dangling on the sides also. However, effortless eyeliner with glossy nude eye shadow and pink lipstick adorns the Marathi Bride. Lock the Marathi Bridal Makeup with a Chand Bindi and Gucchedar Nath.

Bihari Bridal Look

Bihari bridal look

Bihari ladies generally prefer yellow and red sarees. The maternal uncle of the bride gives a decent measure of gold gems, and an odhni in yellow shading to the lady of the hour. It means success and is very basic in the northern district of the nation. Also, bold winged liner with red lips is the highlight of the Bride from Bihar. Red Bindi with Saffron Sindoor gross the look of the lady of the hour.

Bengali Bridal Makeup

Bengali Bridal makeup look

Bengali lady of the hour wears a traditional saree in red or maroon, with multifaceted Zari work. Much the same as the mehendi, bengali women embellish their feet with aalta -a red shade. They paint forehead with red and white dots. Bengali brides wear a mukut-a headgear enhancing the hair. Red lips and red Bindi are major highlights. Also, the Bengali brides fill their eyes with kohl and liner going together. Smoke out the liners to give a soft and subtle look.

Tamilian Bridal Look

Tamilian Bridal makeup

A traditional Iyer and Iyengar bride wears the 9 yard Kanjeevaram saree in rich hues. Tamilian brides decorate midriff by traditional abdomen belt called Odiyannam, and forehead shines with Nethichutty. Gold-bronze eye makeup with a stark eyeliner looks glamorous. Ladies decorate their hair with pair of Gajra which is flower garland.

Islamic Bride

Islamic bridal makeup

Head ornamentation and hair styles are an integral part of Muslim bridal makeup. Defined eye makeup, crimped hair and big lashes make the Islamic Bride stand out. Islamic brides consider green as their holy color. Plain gold jewellery with variety of art pieces is the pinnacle of Islamic Bride.

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There are so many more cultures and regions which have stunning weddings with stunning bridal makeup looks. However, this is probably just a tiny teaser to the bright and vibrant nature of our country. But seriously, aren’t they pretty awesome?