For your Wedding a list of Perfect Accessories

Is your wedding day giving you sleepless night? Well, this is your big day and your makeup is one less thing you should worry about. So let’s have a look at some of the easy to follow bridal makeup hacks for this wedding season to get that gorgeous and flawless look.

Bridal Makeup Hacks For This Wedding Season

Bridal Makeup Hacks

Add the Colour “RED” to Your Bridal Makeup

The Red lips concept are often spotted on the runways, in the movies and almost everywhere else we look. Red is the traditional colour for our Indian weddings and it will never ever go out of fashion! So do expect to see red in gloss, mattes, scarlet, true reds, deep or even the winey and semi-glossy hues. If you adore orange, go in for the burnt orange-red colour this wedding season. For softer lips, choose the glossy peaches but make sure you do the eyes in a smoky, metallic manner.

Bridal Makeup Hacks

Cat Eyes are the Perfect Match

The autumn and winter 2016 are all about the eyelashes and brows. Full brows are in vogue, but it does not mean that you have an unkempt look. Make sure you tweeze or pull off the extra hair. Full eyelashes and full eyebrows will give you all the required attention that you need for being the stunning and gorgeous bride.

You can twist the very traditional upward sloping cat eye with rather a silvery blue sloping wings on the corner of the eyes and then use downward look for that splendid final look and trust us this bridal makeup hack will never go outdated.

Black eyeliner is a must-have, this season. We recommend CoverGirl’s Liquiline Blast kit as a part of your makeup kit for this wedding season. It goes on smoothly like a normal pencil and lasts long as well. Its total performance is undoubtedly recommended by several stylists. For best results, apply the metallic eye shadow to the lid to contour and then once it dries a little, follow up with the liner.

Bridal Makeup Hacks

Don’t Forget the Tinch of Blush

Going without a blush is strictly advised against this season. Do not forget to apply the shimmery highlights to your cheeks. (You could also perk up your cheeks with the blushes in the reds, pinks, peaches or even the oranges). Blushes make you look more beautiful and at the same time makes your overall look better. Use subtle blush during the day and darker hues during the night. Make sure that the colour of your skin tone and the blush are in harmony. Wipe the excess blush carefully and make sure to blend it properly.

Bridal Makeup Hacks

Orange is the New Pink

We recommend you to apply orange nail polish, orange eyeshadow (if you dare!) and a blood red lipstick with an orange base. This will not only enhance your fashion quotient but also make you stand out from the crowd. Orange accessories in the form of bags or policy, or even shoes etc. will work well too this wedding season.

Bridal Makeup Hacks

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As wedding is a one-time affair, we recommend you to play with the looks, experiment, go bold and stand out. Try bold colours and then balance it out with rather subtle attires. Use oranges, blue hues and even a dash of red to complete the look. False eyelashes and thick mascara coatings will help you achieve the goddess-like look. Try using different styles of eye makeup. Smoky eyes never go wrong for wedding ceremonies. We hope these easy bridal makeup hacks will help you get all the eyeballs rolling for you. 😉

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