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When it comes to the wedding preparations, a bride makes sure everything is perfect. From the wedding destination, the décor, and food, to her whole attire. She makes sure that she looks perfect for her day and for that the preparations start way before that. Her wedding glow, her bridal makeup everything has to be just as she has imagined. Amongst many of this, the mani-pedi routine to make your nails look amazing and the hunt for the best bridal nail art design ideas start.


 If you are one of these brides looking for a perfect nail art idea to rock on your wedding events then these bridal nail art design ideas are a must look. They are trending, beautiful and makes your hand look gorgeous, especially when you have that beautiful wedding ring to be donned. 

15 Bridal Nailart Designs

1.The glitter manicure


French manicure has always been a part of the best bridal nail art design ideas but you can get it done with your twist. Instead of getting the normal white tips, change the color to the best matching colors of your dress. Red being the quintessential bridal color, the nails shows go for a red glitter manicure with some extra addition of other matching design (which herein is a flower).

 2.Pink blush and Swarovski


If you don’t want to go for the red in your nails then this one is a little different in its color as well as design. It’s pretty simple but looks beautiful. The subtle pink manicure is accentuated by the complete Swarovski in one of the fingers, to be specific the ring finger.

 3. The Gel Flowers

If you want to go for any color in specific but want to keep it elegant and beautiful this design out the bridal nail art design ideas is it. The colors are so subtle that you won’t even realize the shade until you have a closer look. In addition, the gel accentuation of flowers makes it gorgeous.

4.The Print


You read it right, you can experiment with getting a colored base preferably of a dark shade and opt for golden print just like this one. Further, if you want to give it a little detailing you can opt for rhinestones but that’s a choice.

5.The Lace Pattern


One of the most regal and offbeat patterns that come out of the bridal nail art design ideas is to go for a subtle shade of any color leaving one for the lace pattern as shown in the picture. The additions are definitely an option.

6. The Trio


Elegant, royal and perfect for the day, this idea is one of the gorgeous ones if you want to keep it classy.

7. Mermaid Scales

Mermaid Scales

Looking for something different to go for then this design is utterly gorgeous. Mermaid scales look gorgeous reflecting all the shades of the rainbow. And you can play with colors too. Instead of going for such color as in the picture, you can opt for chrome scales that match your trousseau.

8.The Matte and the Bling


This one screams diva. All along I have been asking you that the accentuations are optional but in this one, it definitely is not.

9. The Red and Gold


Red is already established is a quintessential color of all the Indian brides and this idea that accepts it putting it into a perfect blend of beauty and design.

10.The Chrome Marble


Something unique yet awesome is how I would describe this look. The marble touch in the nail looks fabulous and brings out the chrome perfectly. For someone who does not prefer the bling, this design is a must.

11.The Chrome Tips


Full chrome nails are in but the chrome tips are something that you won’t find in many places. This one from the bridal nail art design ideas is gorgeous as the tips are not very evident making it seem like the whole nail is chrome.

12. The Florals


The flower pattern is always going to be trending so there is no reason for us to leave it behind. This idea follows the floral print but highlights the flowers with golden giving it a gorgeous look.

13. All In One


Well, there are a number of patterns that one can opt for when it comes to nail art but putting some of them together is one that not many go for. If you are bold and want to experiment than this idea is the one for you. It has print, glitter, Swarovski and gel accentuations as well.

14.The Zigzag

15 Eye catching bridal nail art design ideas you can try this season


Simple, subtle yet perfect. 

15.The Odd One Out

15 Eye catching bridal nail art design ideas you can try this season


 If you are a tomboy and don’t want to get too glittery, then this idea is amazing. It looks royal in its entirety. You can obviously play with colors and change the finger that is going to stand out and you’re done. 

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