Every bride wants her bridal photoshoot to be unique. Every eye eagerly waits for a glimpse of the bride. Every bride has a fantasy of what her wedding day should look like and how she wishes to get her pictures to be captured. You might have a lot in your mind for the bridal photoshoot, but there is a high chance that you just forget it all when the photographer is actually shooting you.

We all know that such opportunities and moments aren’t coming back. Hence, we are bringing you some bridal photoshoots to take inspiration from:

  • The Veil Shot

Well, it was originally seen in Pernia Qureshi’s bridal photoshoot which was done by Joseph Radhik. This style is the best way to make use of the veil.

  • The Flower Showers

How colorful and vibrant your photo will look all the flower petals being showered on you! You can choose different flowers for different occasions.

  • Playing With Sunlight

You can get your photoshoot conducted in daylight; you can definitely go for this one. You simply need to ask your photographer to play with the sunlight, making it look like a spotlight.

  • The Wind Effects

You can use a windy rooftop or place a table fan in front of you to get a windy effect in your photos. Your pictures will simply look straight out of a Dharma movie with your flying dupatta.

  • The Mehendi Pose

Bring a twist to the age-old Mehendi pose. I mean, it is must, for you have sat there all day getting that on your hands, so get creative and flaunt it.


  • Bring In Your Pet

If you have a pet, you should definitely include it in your bridal photoshoot. It was your first love before you met your better half.

  • Show Off Your Jewelry

Well, you spend a fortune on your jewelry, so make sure that it is shown off properly in your bridal photoshoot. It will add the bling to your photoshoot.

  • The One With Mother Dearest

She gave you birth and has always tolerated your tantrums. Wouldn’t it be lovely if you pose with your mother in your bridal photoshoot!

  • Into The Woods

It looks really exquisite when you get your bridal photoshoot done in the woods. Make sure that you wear a comfortable dress.

  • The Lehenga Twirl

Every bride loves to get a picture clicked when she is twirling in her lehenga. As that’s going to be another must, make sure that its something out-of-the-box.

Indian brides have evolved from being all meek and naïve to being bold and beautiful. If you’re planning your wedding, it will be equally fruitful if you plan out your wedding photoshoot. You can also go through these top five wedding planning books for further inspiration.