Weddings are the ultimate opportunity to meet, gather, and have fun. It is a very special day for the bride and groom along with all their family members and close ones. It is a day where you do not want to miss any chance to celebrate, leaving no stone unturned. As we gather with the loved ones, dance to the beats, and enjoy with good food and drinks, safety is the utmost priority, and though the weddings are still important and celebratory affair, the emergence of corona virus has given a huge shock to the wedding industry. New ways are being adopted to tie the bond of love, keeping safety, social distancing, and health, the priority.


These changes include the compulsion of micro weddings with 20-40 members only, change of wedding venues from halls and grounds to house and the addition of masks as a necessary accessory. As we used to take care of the wedding outfit and jewelry, spending hours to decide the perfect fit, the mask is another important decision now. Getting the one that not only saves you but also makes you look stylish is essential. Nowadays the new trend is getting the mask that matches your bridal outfit, goes with the design either being of a similar design or something mixed and matched.

So, as we go on adopting the new lifestyle, here are some brides in bridal masks who rocked their lockdown wedding attire.

The New Bridal Attire

Simple and Elegant

As you adapt to the new normal, weddings become more of a homely affair, with just the near ones around. Most of the importance is being given to safety measures. Hence, a mask is more of a necessity than a style statement. So, there are brides who kept their attire along with the mask low-key, simple, sober, and elegant.

Match It Well

Getting the mask that matches exactly with your wedding attire is also a new trend. It is like a new part of the whole outfit, cut out and made especially for your big day.



Coordination can be done in many ways. As the wedding attires are coordinated by the bride and the groom like wearing black and white or some complimenting colors, a similar trend can be followed with the masks.

Coordination can also is done with everyone present at the wedding. With only the dear ones around, there are now weddings where beautiful wedding photos have been taken with the bride, groom and all guests wearing similar and simple masks.

Complement the Style

Brides are adding masks that complement their lockdown wedding attire. It includes a gotta Patti work mask, complimenting patterns like floral prints or embroidery.


Some glitter can never go wrong when it is the wedding time. So brides add some glitter either on the whole or a part of the masks, as per the design of the outfit.

Mask Add-ons


Mask add-ons depend on the wedding outfit you choose. The wedding gowns or saris go very well with lace masks and some brides also like to get hand-painted masks, or masks with different shades.



As the pandemic has fallen onto each one of us, everyone who had a wedding planned had to change the schedules and ways somehow. Hence, many famous people got married in a lockdown way like the blogger, Bhavdeep Kaur who wore beautiful and stylish masks for her wedding and Mehendi ceremony.

So, these are some brides in bridal masks who rocked their lockdown wedding attire. Hence, with the main ceremony and outfit and all the other ceremony attires, the lockdown and pandemic have given new wedding goals. As we prepare for the perfect wedding ceremony, here the most important part includes being safe along with being stylish. Hope these new lockdown wedding attires will give you an idea of how you can rock your D-day during this time.