If you find yourself reading this article then you are probably one of those brides getting the ‘pre-wedding jitters’. Are you restlessly searching tips to get away from the wedding stress that is bothering you? Then you are at the right place. A Wedding is an event that only comes once in your life. It undoubtedly marks your most important transition and change in life.

Pre-wedding jitters

Naturally every bride is bound to get the pre-wedding jitters, stress, and anxiety and it is perfectly normal. Your special milestone day has to be perfect and there are just so many things that go into a wedding. Not just that but the idea of attaching someone’s last name to yours and going on to commit to someone you will spend your whole life with is a huge deal. It is thought to provoke and very daunting sometimes as much as it is exciting. To conquer these bombarding mixed feelings pre-wedding jitters, here are some great tips that you can follow. It will certainly help you overcome those churning gurgles in your stomach and rest the goosebumps on your body. 


Pre-wedding jitters

I cannot highlight the importance of this enough. I know that as a bride you will be asked to stay fit and will be encouraged to start a whole new gym routine so that you look flawless on your wedding day. However, all that, causes pressure to have a great body for your special day. In turn how you need to approach exercise is in a fun way that channels your energies in the right way. Try playing some sports as those are super fun as well as the best cardio ever. If you are not stressed out about being fit then working out will automatically become fun and will also deliver great results. This will take your mind off the other stress and keep you busy. Sweat all the toxins and negative vibes out and trust me this is the best thing you can do for yourself.



Pre-wedding jitters

 Yoga connect us to our roots and fills us with nothing but positivity.  I have to say that this is so refreshing and rejuvenating that it beats any other form of exercise. It works on not just our outer physical toning but also our inner chakras and peace of mind. Meditation is recommended as a complement to any form of exercise you are doing in order to eliminate the wedding worries. Whenever you feel overwhelmed with whatever that is going on then close your eyes, take deep breaths and exhale all that stress that is bothering you. It is effective and necessary to have a calm and healthy mind on your wedding day. Yoga is the number one way to stay fit and relaxed and before beginning your yoga warm up in the form of exercise is recommended. If lifting, exercise and hardcore sports ain’t your things, you can go for a more relaxed version of treadmills to warm up.


Pre-wedding jitters

 They say friends are the best therapists that also have fun with you and it cannot get more accurate than this. Your best friend will truly come to your rescue when you want to talk it out, hit the spa, pop some squats, jump in the pool, go out to have some drinks or even watch movies with you all day. This is the one person who will not say ‘NO’ to you even if she knows you are making a bad decision, instead she will stick with you through that decision to make sure she takes care of you. She will never disappoint you and will always tolerate you being paranoid about your wedding. If those pre-wedding jitters are troubling you then don’t be afraid to call your best friend even at 4 a.m. and asking her to come by and be your comfort pillow. 

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Pre-wedding jitters

 Just as in every other aspect of life, it is always good to seek advice from someone who is experienced and been there done that. In the case of pre-wedding jitters do not feel shy or uncomfortable to ask any of your married friend or newly-wed couples in the family about marriage effects. If your mind is bombarded with questions about how your life will take a turnover after marriage or how does it feel to be married and so on then go ahead and shoot to someone already in that field. It will always make you feel more confident and happy.


Pre-wedding jitters

While everyone wants their wedding to be perfect, it is really hard to get every element right and working. One of the biggest factor of the stress branches from the reason that you get upset about something that is not on point. But if everyone does work out perfectly then you would not have anything to make fun of. Laugh off the wedding mistakes and turn them into a funny memory. Do not let the stress of getting everything right get the better of you. Additionally, the more you smile the more beautiful will you look on your wedding day. The bridal smile is the most powerful and perfect element there needs to be on your wedding and it is the most amazing accessory that you can wear. So, LAUGH IT OFF, GIRL.

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Just believe in yourself and in the fact that it is not only you for whom this wedding needs to be mind-blowing. Everyone else around you working to get everything is placed will be just as stressed so do try these tips out and say Buh-bye to the pre-wedding jitters.