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10 Best Diwali outfits in Bollywood to inspire your wedding shopping

The season of Diwali is gone but the bundle of some of the best Diwali outfits by our favorite celebs in Bollywood leave us with plenty of inspiration for this wedding season. Diwali, being the most celebrated Indian festival, is the perfect season to explore all sorts of fashion and inspiration mostly from our Bollywood … read more

Anushree Reddy Lehengas

The Best Of Anushree Reddy Lehengas

No Indian bride is complete without a mesmerizing outfit. The perfect lehenga that not only makes her look like a perfect bride but also the most beautiful girl in the world. Well, Anushree Reddy is one such designer whose sense of style is loved by one and all. Girls all over the globe wait to know what Anushree Reddy has in store for us.

Best chokers to Buy

The Best Chokers to Buy This Wedding Season

Weddings are a great reason to go all out and make yourself the most important person in the room. Being the bride of course helps and all the attention is always on you but that does put even more pressure on you. It is the pressure of not looking tired, always being energetic, being joyous. A heavy outfit makes it all the more difficult. But at the same time, it is important to maintain a gorgeous and heavy look according to tradition.

beautiful blouse designs

10 Beautiful Blouse Designs For South Indian Brides

Planing a wedding and making it the perfect day for yourself needs a lot of meticulous planning on every detail. When picking out the outfit for your wedding every little thing matters, the saree, the sandals, the jewellery to go with it and the magnificence of the blouse.
To get the best from a bunch of beautiful blouse designs, one needs to look for the right fit, the colour, the amount of work they want, everything matters.

Pre-Wedding Detox

10 Types Of Bridal Necklaces You Can Try In Your Wedding

Jewellery holds an important place in Indian Wedding. Until the bride is adorned with jewellery on her D-Day, something seems missing. As a part of jewellery, Necklace is the major highlights of the bride’s overall look. Therefore, necklace is to be chosen wisely so that you gorgeous on your wedding day. We are here to … read more

Best Food Caterers in Delhi

7 Best Food Caterers in Delhi You Can Consider For Your Wedding

In India, wedding is a not just wedding but it’s a festival and its glory lies in three things: the venue, the decor and the food. And we know that food has the ability to cast a strong impression on the tongue as well as on the mind of the guests.

7 Ways To Beat Stress Before Your Wedding Day

Wedding is not an easy task. You feel excited but at the same time you are stressed over the fact how is all gonna happen? To help you with that, we are here to give you 7 ways to beat stress before your wedding day.

Brides Who Rocked Their Wedding in a Saree

Sarees are easy to pull off on any body type and gives an extravagant and graceful panache when draped properly. To make your life a little bit easier and to put a standstill on your quest for the perfect idea of a glamorous saree look, I have laid down few of the latest Brides who have dazzled in their glamorous attire.

Makeup Essentials

Makeup Essentials: 7 must have makeup for every Bridal Kit

Makeup has always been close to all women’s heart since their childhood. But bridal makeup is something that you don’t want to mess-up with! Which bride don’t want to look stunning and beautiful on her big day? But some of them end up buying those makeup products that are damn expensive and not so even useful. So here we are about to give an idea of  Makeup Essentials that every bride must carry with her.

Stunning Outfit Options For Roka in 2020

Roka is the most important part of our Indian Wedding culture. Soon enough you are going to be a “Wife”! You are about to seal a permanent deal all of a sudden and you don’t have much time to pick the most Stunning Outfit Options For Roka. Well, don’t worry, we got your back!