Detox diets are words that we’re very familiar with nowadays but only a few of us know the science behind it and how it’s actually important for us to do it and do it right. So today we have brought some celebrities detox diets for you as girls especially want a glowing skin and a healthy body like them.

Why Detox?

We pick up germs and parasites from our food and surroundings. These foreign materials tax our body’s resources and interfere with our optimum health. We are in constant contact with environmental toxins and they play a major role in illness like birth defects, nervous system disorders, strokes, heart attacks, diabetes, and cancer. Detoxing helps to shed unwanted weight and such toxicity that is present in our body.

Now that we know why detoxing is an important part of our everyday routine, let’s check some of the celebrities detox diets that you need to try out:

1) Beyonce’s Master Cleanse

This detox cleanses your body of toxins and claims to help you lose 20 pounds in 10 days. But there’s a catch: you have to give up on solid foods and only take a lemonade drink.

According to People reports, Beyonce took up this detox diet which is referred to as the lemon diet which is made by using fresh lemon or lime juice, maple syrup, cayenne pepper, and water.

Many other celebs like Pink, Demi Moore, Ashanti, and Michelle Rodriguez have also tried it.

Also note: A similar diet was made by David Kirsch which requires you to drink the lemonade formula called LemonAid (almost the same one as before) four times a day for two days. Anne Hathaway is known to take this cleanse before red carpet events.

You’ll only be consuming 80 calories a day (No solid foods and no shortcuts) but health experts claim that a short term detox plan like this is healthier than the long term ones.


celebrities detox diets

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2) Alicia Silverstone’s KIND DIET

This diet is a long term plan which focuses on eating whole grains, beans, vegetables and fruits (occasionally a dessert). It encourages you to eliminate processed and unhealthy food from your diet which leads to removal of toxins from your body.

This is a sure wonderful among celebrities detox diets to achieve healthy skin and shed pounds. Silvertone tells Women’s health, “I stopped the dieting thing 11 years ago when I went vegan — which I did for the animals. But magically, all this weight came off. Imagine that freedom! This diet is not about what you can’t eat but finding food that’s yummy and uplifts you. I never count calories, but I eat so well”.

celebrities detox diets

Source: fitparentmagazing

3) Sonam Kapoor’s fitness secret

She is said to follow an ovo-vegetarian diet which focuses on eggs for protein and excludes dairy and meat.

Her Pilates sessions are a hit which involves the use of props like a mini ball, foam roller, magic circle and resistance bands that make them fun and challenging at the same time. She switches to high-intensity cardio, jogging and swimming to break the monotony.

celebrities detox diets

4) Gwyneth Paltrow’s 7-day detox

This diet encourages you to eat salads, soups, fruits, seeds, nuts, fishes, chicken whole grains and a mix of smoothies.

She created this menu plan for a seven-day elimination diet (you having to eliminate ALL unhealthy habits and food) and the juices and shakes are meant to be liquid meals that help decrease the amount of work your digestive systems do. Such a well-researched celebrities detox diets she prepared know?

Good Housekeeping suggests “purchasing plain coconut milk instead of young Thai coconut oil. Not only will you shed a few pesky pounds, but Good Housekeeping adds that you’ll also experience an increase in energy and have glowing, supermodel-like skin”.

celebrities detox diets

Source: women’s health

celebrities detox diets

5) Masaba Gupta’s 15-day detox diet

The trending designer, Masaba Gupta recently started a 15 day cleanse on snapchat for her followers to join her too. She posted her diet for 2 days as it would pretty much be the same thing after that. Check it out:


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celebrities detox diets detox diets celebrities detox diets detox diets celebrities detox diets detox diets

There were some of the celebrities detox diets that would work wonders if you try them out, especially before your wedding day! All these diets have a few things in common: Eat LOTS of water and have a good night’s sleep every night.

Happy detoxing, lovelies. 



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