Marriage is a huge, exciting transition in everyone’s life, whether it’s an arranged marriage or you have been seeing each other for years, every relationship comes with a set of challenges. Along with cute romantic moments and a lot of “firsts” as a couple, there are few challenges every girl faces in the first year of marriage.

Adjusting With New Family


“You don’t marry one person, you marry the whole family”.

You will face one big challenge of getting adjusted to your new family with their different ways of doing things. Right from the kitchen to the bedroom, there will be challenges. While it’s fun to have a new family, cousins, nieces, and nephews, but sometimes it just gets to another level. You are not used to this much involvement, and taking decisions based on their likes and dislikes. For girls who are bought up in a nuclear family and get married in a joint family, adjustments can be really difficult. But there’s nothing impossible when you have your partner by your side. 

Missing Your “Maa Ke Haath Ka Khana”


Even more, the challenge can be adjusting to new food preferences and timings. Even though, you have the best mother-in-law who cooks really well but at some point you miss your “Maa ke haath ke rajma chawal”. There is one dish that your mom only can cook best and not even a restaurant can beat it. 

Balancing Personal And Professional Life


Spending quality time with the in-laws, husband, and juggling with professional commitments can be tough. Your new family will expect that you adjust your routine according to their routine. Commitments in both areas can get tough in the beginning but then you get used to it. 

Meeting Every Member Of the Family


Being the newlywed, you are expected to wear heavy outfits, makeup on, loaded with jewellery and keep a constant broad smile on your face because your in-laws want to introduce you to their relatives and friends. There can be a small gathering after your wedding for close friends and family where you will have to interact with a whole bunch of new people. This can get a bit challenging. 

You Have To Be Responsible And Mature

Now you are the daughter-in-law of the family who is just like a daughter who needs to take care of the family and be responsible towards them. Until yesterday, you were daddy’s little angel and today you are taking care of the whole family. It can get a bit overwhelming to do so overnight. But you will be able to overcome this challenge when you treat your in-laws like your parent.

So, apart from “missing your parents” these are few challenges every girl faces in the first year of marriage. No need to get scared, instead get prepared and embrace this new phase of your life with grace and you will surely turn out victorious.