For some reason, movies always have a way of setting us in a better mood. They are the best source of entertainment and are extremely lovely if you want to spend some time with a loved one. Movie dates are extremely popular as well and work out too!

The film industry is one of the most booming industries today! Although there are plenty of genres to look out for, one genre tops them all, you guessed it right- it is Romance and Comedy! Popularly known as RomCom, these movies are super hits and loved by all. They just have a way of making us happy and fall in love with them, all over again. 

All of the movies listed below are great for a first-time watch if you have not seen them, but they are evergreen and I can assure you that one time won’t be enough for you! 

Hum Aapke Hai Koun (1994)

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This heartwarming movie has completed over 25 years and is still a classic evergreen movie that is loved by all. It directed by the lovely Sooraj Barjatya where the plot revolved around Rajesh’s wedding. Rajesh’s younger brother Prem meets his sister-in-law Nisha and they fall sweetly and deeply in love. Like every love story is incomplete without something tragic, Rajesh’s wife passes away due to an accident and Prem and Nisha’s love is threatened. This movie is about love and how it overcomes everything when it is true. The songs and signature dance moves are still popular even today. We can proudly say that Sooraj Barjatya created a masterpiece for us all!

Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge (1995)

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Popularly known as DDLJ all over India, this movie topped all charts after its release. It was so loved, the ratings were so promising and it still is! This 1995 movie is still projected over in some old movie theatres on the weekend and the crowd never disappoints! This creation of Aditya Chopra revolves around two adults Raj and Simran who cross paths on a trip to Europe and end up falling for each other. Soon after Simran gets back to India, Raj learns that she is promised to someone else. So in love with her, he can’t bear to let her go without a fight, so he follows her all the way to win her father over and get his permission for her hand in marriage. A completely touching movie that will surely have you wishing for a happy ending!

Hum Saath Saath Hain (1999)


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Sooraj Barjatya released another masterpiece in 1999 after his super hit movie Hum Aapke Hai Koun in 1994. With an estimate of $11 million worldwide, Hum Saath Saath Hai came to become the highest-grossing film of the year!

While the first movie is revolving around love, this one shows the importance of family and how strong familial bonds can be. It is a classic movie that shows the importance of relationships and family values. The plot is around the Chaturvedi family, Ramkishen and Mamta as parents of three sons Vivek, Prem and Vinod. Vivek is Mamta’s stepson and due to the past relationships, she dwells bitterness towards him which breaks Vivek’s heart but he accepts it willingly for the sake of the family. 

Soon, as the past unfolds, mistakes and truths are revealed and the importance of family and the strength of the bonds are highlighted. A box of tissues is surely recommended for this movie. The tears won’t stop during the movie and you would not want them to!

These movies above promise great time with family, your loved one or even for watching solo. Love is the same everywhere, time, language, years, nothing matters and these classics are a live proof of them!