There is no second thought about the fact that one’s wedding is the most important event in their life. Anyone would want to look their best on the day they get hitched. Which means the choice of clothing, jewellery and especially makeup becomes an essential decision. One of the best and bold makeup is the traditional Red and Gold Bridal Makeup. The smokey antique gold and red look makes the eyes dramatic and suits all skin types. Below is a step by step tutorial for the same, try now to look dazzling on your D-Day!

Red and Golden Bridal Makeup

Red and Golden Bridal Makeup

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Step1: Conceal the skin around your eyes, and apply an eyeshadow primer on your eyelids. This is to make the color vivid and help the eyeshadow last longer.

Step 2: Define your eyebrows with a brow pencil. With bold eye makeup, brows will look dull otherwise if not defined.

Step 3: Apply a golden eyeshadow across your eyelid. Preferably, use Maybelline color tattoo in bold gold. This is very long lasting and worked well as the base for other colors.

Step 4: Take a red color eyeshadow and with the help of a brush, apply it on ¾ of your eyelid starting from the outer V of eyes. You can increase the intensity of the shade as per requirement. Use the shade of your lehenga as a reference.

Step 5: Take a light pink color eyeshadow and apply it in the inner corner of your eyelid and lower lid.

Step 6: To make the eyes appear bigger, take the same golden shadow and highlight your brow bone.

Step 7: Take brown + bronze color shadow on a brush, place it on your crease and go back and forth to create depth since the shade is a darker one.

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Step 8: Mix the colors using a fluffy blush with golden eyeshadow. With a light hand, swipe it across your lids.

Step 9: Remove extra eyeshadow using a clean earbud. This will enhance and give more detail to your eyes.

Step 10: With the golden cream shadow and a liner brush, apply golden color at your lower lash line.

Step 11: Apply kohl kajal on the waterline and tightline your eyes. Rim your eyes completely with kohl to give a bold look. Indian brides look beautiful with eyes well defined by kajal. With gel/liquid eyeliner, line your eyes to enhance the look. you can wing the liner as required.

Step 13: Once the liner dries, curl your lashes. Apply two coats of a good volumizing and lengthening mascara. Use of false lashes is also encouraged if you can manage them.

Step 14: Now that the eye makeup is done, do the rest of your face. With this look, bold blush and preferably berry red lipstick matching your eyeshadow is recommended.

Red and Golden Bridal makeup tutorial video:

Let the eyes do the talking at your wedding! Hope you have enjoyed the red and golden bridal makeup tutorial. Let us know if you want tutorials for any other bridal eye makeup in the comment section.