Eternal Love Stories


Valentine coupleThis Valentine’s Week, WedAmor is celebrating Love and Togetherness by running a contest for couples to share their eternal love stories with the world.
Tell us your love stories and we will share it to the world. Let your love story be an inspiration to the other lovestruck couples. Valentines is a day to tell your lover how special they are. Give them a surprise which they will cherish for a lifetime.
Life is not how many breaths you take, but how many moments that take your breath away. This season, gift your partner an everlasting memory.
We will feature the best love stories on our FB page and blog and they will have a chance to win surprise gifts.

How to Enter

1.  Share your  epic love story through the google link ( You can be as broad or as detailed as you like and your love story can encompass a wide range. you can share videos,photos and the messages or quotes you want to devote to your loved ones

2. We will feature the best stories on Facebook page and WedAmor blog in the form of stories.  

3. You can include the message you want to quote for your loved ones, which we will share with them on 14th Feb.

4. Send Your Entries by mid-night on Feb 14, 2016. The winners of the Eternal Love Stories will be announced on Facebook, and blog page on 29th,Feb, 2016.

Have fun with it! Entries will be judged on how creative and unique your post is, as well as the aesthetic impression of your photo.

Share your couple photographs at for us to make your story more beautiful and engaging. You can also share an audio or video through Whatsapp (7042350446) to surprise your partner.

Be sure you are sharing photos that you own and have the permission of anyone who appears in the photos.

Share your story and this Valentine’s Day, plan a perfect surprise for your valentine.
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