Photo Booth – oodles of fun, great moments captured, and tons of interesting photos. Nowadays, it is common for every wedding to have a photo booth especially during at least one of their function like mehndi. So, we bring you cool and fun prop ideas for your wedding photo booth.




Colorful balloons to use as props in the picture has become one of the latest trends and we just love it. Doesn’t it add so much of color and fun to your photos? We also love the idea of a huge hot air balloon as the prop for the photo booth. You can consider it for family portraits, or while taking fun photos with your friends. They are easily available and very affordable. 



Having a swing near your photo booth area and using it as a prop for your Mehendi day pictures will create some of the most memorable and exciting pictures for the day. You can either decorate the swings with genda phool or leave nude with colorful surroundings. 

Giant Monograms


Monograms are the personalized signature or initials of the couple or a wedding hashtag. Create giant monograms and use them as background props for your wedding photo booth. We are sure your guests would love to get clicked in front of it to show on their social media that they are attending #somewedding!



From vintage scooter, cycle, car, bike, rickshaw, you can park anything and decorate it with flowers or just color it and voila your prop is ready! This is a really cool prop that can be used for the photo booth where even small kids would enjoy getting clicked on them.

Contemporary Touch


Give a contemporary touch to your wedding photo booth by using neon lights on a nice and plain background. This idea will altogether amp up your design of photo booths. Just look at how beautiful this idea of neon lights as props look. This is definitely going to be trending for all the weddings from now onwards. 

Apart from the usual props, these are 5 cool and fun prop ideas for your wedding photo booth. Which one would you pick for your wedding?