A wedding gift is something that is very close to a couple’s heart. A couple remembers it for a very very long time as the guests shower their love, blessings and good wishes on the couple in the form of wedding gift.

A wedding gift worth remembering..

Wedding gifts are obviously an integral part of the wedding and it should be something that brings a straight smile on the couple’s faces. Here are some options.

1) A ticket for a big trip

Contribute with some friends and gift the couple a pair of tickets to somewhere. It totally depends on your budget. You can opt for some places here in India like Kerala, Goa and Northeastern India or if you have some fat budget, go for some foreign places like Bali, Malaysia, Mauritius and Japan. Go for this gift only if you have some high budget and there are a lot of people to contribute with. The couple will surely get all emotional and will remember your gift for a lifetime.

2) A contribution for the new home

If you have small budget and still want to go in with some friends, give them items those can contribute to their home. A piece of bedroom furniture, a barbecue, a piece of original wall art or a stylish dinner set would do. Go for something that is useful to the newly weds. These will surely make an amazing wedding gift.


3) A romantic dinner at an amazing restaurant

Who does not want to go on romantic dates? Gift the newly weds a romantic dinner at one of the best restaurants in the city. If you want to make it even more special, opt for a rooftop one. It will surely leave a huge impact and the couple will definitely remember this wedding gift for a long period of time.

4) Cooking classes

Treat the couple to an exceptional and an experimental gift like a cooking class. Find a unique cooking class that will teach them how to cook a food they don’t often cook, like Indian, Vietnamese and Thai cuisine. This will not only teach them how to cook different cuisines but also allow them to spend some quality time with each other in the busy schedule.

5) Travel bags

This surely can be a bit of cliche but what could be better than travel bags that the couple can take with them on their honeymoon the very same week? This surely is a smart idea for a gift. If you want, you can give a bit of personalized touch to the bags and emboss the couple’s names on the bags. You can also accessorize it with the Mr. and Mrs. tags.

6) Scented candles and bath salts

Now this surely can be the perfect wedding gift for the couple after so many hectic ceremonies like haldi, sangeet and the wedding ceremony. It is one of the most romantic gifts the couple can receive. Give them in abundance so that the bride and groom can use it for a very long time or they can share it with their family.

7) Wood and marble wine cooler

If you want to go for something too classy, nothing is better than wood and marble wine cooler. It will look very elegant in the in house bar. It is surely a symbol of pride and class. You can gift it to the couple who have a taste of wine.

These are some unique and most amazing wedding gifts that you can gift a couple on their wedding. A wedding gift is surely something that is too close to a couple’s heart. Make it something worth it.

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