A wedding invitation is usually a formal letter sent out to recipients asking them to attend the wedding. It is mailed about 5 to 8 weeks before the wedding, this is the average range. It depends on you and when you want to send it. Moreover, there are various types of wedding invites. 

A lot of couples prefer having creative and customized wedding invites. Although, others often go for the simple template ones. As the times have changed, so have the wedding invites. Now, as the digital era has taken over, wedding invitations are also available digitally. That being said, some couples still prefer sending out invitations in the mail, the authentic way. 

It depends on the couple and their families of how they want their wedding invitations to be and look like. Therefore, here is a curated list that will help you choose the best invitation for your wedding. 

Firstly, ensure that your invitation has all the basic and necessary information. It should include the couple’s names, families, date, time and venue. Furthermore, some cards have a wedding theme, which is completely optional. 

Scroll Invitations

These invitations send out a message of a royal wedding. They are a statement and symbol of fashion. These invites never go out of style. They have a very impactful and lasting impression on the recipient. Furthermore, it has varied styles. It is made from handmade paper, as well as cloth. It can also be made on expensive thin paper having vibrant designs. With this invite, there is a lot of room for creativity. If you are going for a royal-themed wedding- this is surely the invitation you must go for!

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Laser Cut Wedding Invites

Laser Cut invitations look extremely beautiful and exquisite. They are designed and made with cardstock paper which is considered best when using lasers. These invites are extremely pretty and can be used for any theme as well.

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Digital Wedding Invitations

Due to modern times, these invitations have become extremely popular. Another add-on benefit that these invites have is that they are inexpensive. Digital Wedding invitations are also customizable and you can make them into any sort of invites, as per your liking. You can even have one for each ceremony as an invite.

These can be sent in as images or PDFs which hardly take any space. Creating them is easy and simple ones can also be made free of cost. In recent times, these are the most used types of wedding invitations. Moreover, these can be designed and printed as well. This is considered a very versatile type of wedding invitation. 

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Foil Invitations

These cards are made using a printing process with metallic colors. They are also known as foils. These are applied to a surface using heat. The heat causes the foil to adhere to the surface permanently. The foils can come in almost any color. The most popular ones are green, pink, white, blue, red, silver, gold and more. They appear to be super classy and intricate. Due to the tedious process and printing, as compared to other wedding invitations, these are expensive. The cost is totally worth the overall design and feel that this invite gives. 

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Photo Wedding Invites

Photo Wedding Invites can be of any of the types above. The main idea behind this invitation is that it shows a photograph of the couple. 

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If this is the sort of thing you want to go for, this photograph wedding card is the one for you! Put in your favorite photograph as a couple and voila!

You have the perfect wedding invitation card!