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Have a wedding to attend but have no time for tailor-made designer dresses? Or better still, don’t really want to spend big bucks for just a night? Well, we’re here to save you! If you’re a big fan of crop tops just like me, your go-to outfit always ends up being something paired with a crop top. So why not bring this style to the Indian wedding scene? As versatile as it can get, the crop top can easily be blended in the Indian attire as the choli of the lehenga, which is a staple at weddings.

Top 8 Ways To Use Crop Tops as Lehenga Blouses

Here are the top 8 ways to use crop tops as lehenga blouses in a wedding:-

1) The party Crop Top

We all have that sexy lacy or sheer crop top which we wear for our parties or a dressy day out. But did you know they could easily double up as your lehenga’s choli? You can opt for a look like designer Sherri Hill’s styles with a ball gown patterned skirt or one with a contrasting color skirt. Pair with big statement earring and you’re good to go.

crop tops as Lehenga blouses     crop tops as Lehenga blouses

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2) Basic

Let’s make a basic crop t-shirt into a wedding outfit. Pair it with a graceful long length skirt and some huge chunky earrings. We personally love the color combination Radhika Apte is wearing in the first image. It’s subtle and perfect for a day wedding. For the night, you could opt for more festive colors like crimson, royal blue or black.

    crop tops as Lehenga blouses      crop tops as Lehenga blouses

                                                                                  Source                                                                                                                 Source

3) The Tank Top

Get those summer tank tops and tube tops out for this one. This is an easy way to use crop tops as Lehenga blouses. This look is extremely affordable and does not require you to shed big bucks. Find a suitable color and mix-n-match with a voluminous skirt which you can easily get at places like the malls or open markets. You can also drape the dupatta so it looks more festive.

crop tops as Lehenga blouses


4) Faux-Crop

Some tops are simply a teensy bit shorter in length, but they’re not quite an actual crop top. Those don’t show off your midriff all the time. If you want to opt for a subtle look, one of our favorite picks is this fierce red outfit with a simple short flowy top and printed skirt. Pair it with a smokey eye and bold lips and be ready to turn heads.

crop tops as Lehenga blouses


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5) Off-The-Shoulder

An off shoulder top is a must-have item right now. It’s one of the trends which is not disappearing but only evolving. Pair your off shoulder top with an adorned skirt of the same color just like in the image below or you could also opt for contrasting colors, whichever suits your taste. If your top is long, you can simply tuck it in the skirt. Pair with an elegant choker necklace or stone earrings. 

crop tops as Lehenga blouses


6)The Shirt-Lehenga

All you need is an ordinary shirt and an embellished high waisted long skirt for this look. Tuck in your shirt and pick some long earrings or a neckpiece. This look is easy to pull off and is one of the trendiest ways to use crop tops as lehenga blouses this wedding season.


7) The Bralette

In case you’re not familiar, a bralette is basically a smaller crop top. If you are bold enough, you can wear a bralette just like your choli. You can pair it with a high waisted skirt with a color which goes well with it. You can also drape a gorgeous dupatta to add that Indian touch.

crop tops as Lehenga blouses


8) Bandage- Style Crop Tops

Another interesting way of using your crop tops as Lehenga blouses is pairing it with your classy bandage tops. Not only these tops help you flaunt your curves they are also versatile. This style is a great option for a makeshift choli. 

crop tops as Lehenga blouses


So here are some of the ways you could use the staple crop top this wedding season. Comment down below which look you liked the best and thank us later for all the compliments!



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