Cake toppers are a place for you to include something fun and quirky. It could be anything, be it your favourite action figures or your monogrammed initials or even some cute animal figurines. Cake toppers also make for a lovely keepsake after your wedding. With the numerous options out there, the process can get a little overwhelming.

Worry not, we have you covered. Here, we have an expansive list of cake topper ideas scoured from various sources.

Yay Engagement Cake Topper - Thistle and Lace Designs Inc


Something Cute

Animal toppers are always super cute. We are in love with this flamingo topper and how their colour is matched with the colour of the cake. It is perfect for a beachside destination wedding.

Pink Wedding Cake with Flowers and Flamingo Topper


Something Edible

What is better than a cake? A cake with mini doughnut cake toppers! Looks absolutely scrumptious. 

Many modern weddings still follow this trend, or perhaps veer slightly away from tradition with a chocolate or vanilla cake, different coloured icing and decorative flowers. Some may even go further and commission a quirky, novelty cake representing their favourite things, or play with the amount of tiers or way the cake is displayed.We found …


With Your Favourite Characters

If you are looking for a way to incorporate your favourite fictional characters into your wedding design, then cake toppers are of the most subtle and easiest ways to do it. 


If you are having a themed cake, then it goes unsaid that the topper should also be in line with the theme. It can be the characters or symbols or artefacts associated with the theme. 

Superhero-Themed Wedding Cake! #superherowedding - Visit to grab an amazing super hero shirt now on sale!


Elaborate Florals

If you are going for a minimal cake adorned with flowers, then your cake topper can be incorporated along with the design and not something separate. This helps keep the design intact and looks elegant. 


M and V Life So Far: July 2014


Cute Little Birdies

This pair of cute, blue birdies carrying a ribbon is a perfect addition to any cake. Also, they will make for cute decor in your new home and a permanent reminder of your big day.


Something Funny

This one is for all the fun, daring couples out there who love a good pun. 


For The Techie Couple

Something quirky and cute for the coder couple!


Laser Cut Toppers

For those of you seeking minimalism, this simple, white paper flag banner is a good option. This will especially be better if the decor has other paper artefacts. 


All Lit Up

This one is sure to capture the attention of the guests. The combination of LED lights, rustic wreaths and the metallic topper looks magical. 


For The Princess Bride

If your wedding has an overall fairytale theme, then these will fit right in.


The Most Epic Quinceanera Cake ToppersSource

Cute Banners

This cute banner with hanging threads, light pink roses looks adorable and is perfect for a simple, low-key wedding. This banner would go really well with a buttercream cake. After your wedding, you can add it to a shadow box display. 


A Rustic Charm

The thing about cake toppers is that almost anything will look appropriate, right from flamingos to firs. 

Winter wedding inspiration: pinecone bride and groom cake topper | Kristen Marie Photography


With Metallic Signs

With metallic customisable signs, there are plenty of options both in terms of colours and designs. You can have your monogrammed initials or your names. You can have messages or quotes such as “it was written under the stars” or “it all starts here”. The design can be made rustic or classic depending on your overall theme and also the type of cake. They are whimsical and a subtle glam effect. If you want something bolder and louder, then you can go for a sparkly banner. 

$39.00 Beautiful gold wedding cake topper ! Customizable Personalized wedding Cake Topper , Can be personalized with "Mr. & Mrs.", "First Names","Last Names","Initials","Monogrammed"When ordering, please provide the following:"First Names""Last Names""Wedding date"Digital draft with your customization will be sent within 2 business days from purchasing.Turnaround time to complete your order is around 14 business days from final approval of your draft.Shipping time by courier service ta


29 Marble Wedding Cake Ideas For Your Wedding#Cakes


With Your Photos

Probably one of the simplest ways is to have your photos as the cake topper. You can have individual images or an image of both of you. You can choose something special, maybe one taken on your first date. 

30 Wonderful Vintage Wedding Cake Toppers ❤ vintage wedding cake toppers topper withphoto Hibben Photography #weddingforward #wedding #bride


Try and choose a topper which reflects the theme or destination of the wedding. We hope that we have given you some great ideas. Let us know your favourites in the comments.