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10 Date Night Ideas Every Arrange Marriage Couples Should Try

Arrange marriage, as soon as one makes a reference to this word, each and every thought stops at the same thing. You all know how it goes, there are plenty of family dinners and gatherings for everyone to gel in working to form this new bond. But amidst this, getting to know each other becomes quite a catch. We all know that even though you meet a lot of times, you find it difficult to gel well before tying the knot. Adding to it is the busy wedding planning schedule. The best solution is to go for date night ideas that will help you get to know each other better.


But before I move to give you these ideas, let me tell you a few things. First, it is not the clichéd roses or a candlelit dinner. Second, whether it is a movie night, a long walk, or anything for that matter, switch off those electrical gadgets be it your phone or your laptop. It is your night to connect with each other.

Best Date Night Ideas

Now, once you follow the above rules, here are some amazing date night ideas, that will bring you closer and give you your fairytale romance that you may have dreamed off as a child.


Movie Night


No, by movie night I do not mean going to a theatre and sitting amongst other people and munching on the popcorn. What I point at here is either an outdoor movie night or a comfy space in your house with blankets and pillows on the floor and an abundant supply of edibles. When you plan on indoors both of you can select your favorite movie and you guys are ready for that alone time.

Food Festivals


With food festivals gaining popularity these days for not only giving numbers of food options to try from but also coming up with shopping stalls and those amazingly soulful performances of bands and singers. These festivals can also give you that time away from your families and drive that shyness away.

Not only that, you can also plan a group date with your friends and his friends and you will definitely be surprised at the stories you get to hear about your Bae.

Comedy Festivals


If you are trying festivals, then this one is a must go for a splendid, happy and a humorous date night. It will give you a lot of hearty moments being enjoyed in a complete bliss.

Midnight Walks


One of the most clichéd date night idea, it certainly does entails its own beauty. Picture this, it a midnight, you and your other half are walking down the almost empty lane holding each other hands. It will definitely be romantic and a lot more intimate.

If you want to go for date day walks, then you can go for that too, but remember, choose a strange or a historic place down your city. You can even explore the parts never visited before.

Game Night


If you are a strong game player whether it be arcade games or the PlayStation games, then have a weekend dedicated to this or include it in your date night ideas. It’s competitive and the whole ebb of winning or losing will get you guys more comfortable.

Cook the Night Out


If you are in no mood of going out or the weather does not allow you to do so. The best way to spend your date night is, well, to cook. So guys don those aprons, select your dishes and work on it. It is definitely fun and fantastic and in the end, you have yourself amazing food to enjoy together.

Road Trip and Camping


All you need is a perfect location, your Bae, and an amazing playlist. Then you are all set for your rocking road trip. What more can you want, a lot of hearty giggles in the road trip to watching the stars, talking sweet nothings in that peaceful and utterly romantic scene. Sounds like a perfect date night idea.

Escape Room


Find yourself in a team and look out for an escape from a room of horrors solving quizzes and puzzles. Coming directly from the jar of offbeat date night ideas, this one is adventurous and not to forget the most enjoyable of activities you both can participate in.

Flea Market


One of the most simple yet amazing ways to spend some alone time is street shopping. Given that our India is full of shopping flea markets (not the malls), you will enjoy a completely different vibe. And a plus point will be that you will get to know of your partner’s choices and opinions.

Karaoke Bars


Even if you are a bad singer, this one from the jar of date night ideas is about enjoying the moment without any care.


You know I have heard from a lot of people that in their time’s couples were not allowed to spend some alone time together. But now those days are gone and it is very important to gel well to maintain a solid relationship. Hence, these date night ideas will just work to bring you closer to your partner and complete that fairytale romance of a HAPPILY EVER AFTER.



Srishti Agarwal

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