An Indian Wedding is incomplete without the smaller Indian wedding events–such as Mehendi, Engagement, Cocktail and Sangeet. Here are a few decorations for these smaller functions which are completely beautiful and impactful. You are surely going to drool over them!

1. Mehendi

Mehendi is an occasion that beautifully celebrates love. If you want to make your Mehendi decor beautiful, here are some ideas for your Mehendi ceremony. 

  • Power of flower


Flowers are full of life and they look beautiful as well. You can use flowers to make your Mehendi ceremony special, adding a bit of old-world charm to any dull spot. Use marigold and jasmine flowers as table centerpieces or hang them in creative ways to give a rustic touch to your Mehendi location. Also, marigold flowers overdose just make it better.

  • Grand floral canopy


Goals are to have your mehendi completed under a beautiful canopy. A massive floral canopy such as this allows a wonderful Mehendi decoration idea for both indoor and outdoor celebrations. 

  • Birdcages


Although these are mainly used as safe homes for your pet birds, it may also pass to a Mehendi ceremony for decoration item. Simply decorate the cages with flowers that are artificial or real would work too and hang them around the venue.

2. Engagement

The engagement ceremony is very special. Indian engagements are as splendid and grand as weddings are. Therefore the decor of the engagement should be unique and special. Here are a few ideas that will add zest, colour and a lot of fun to your engagement. 

  • Present rings in an innovative way


Use creative ways to bring the rings into the stage where they will be exchanged. There are many ring trays available in the market and you can pick one of them for your engagement party. The best thing is that you can have the tray designed according to your tastes or you can select from the list of available tray choices with the vendor.

  • Chalkboard


Chalkboard signboards with some odd phrases also provide enough excitement among the guests. You can also take the DIY path and let your creative friends use chalkboards to make these for you.

  • Photobooth


Picture booths are the most recent sensation for all parties. A cool photo booth saying ‘click-click’ is a must for those super cool group shots and couples!

3. Cocktail

A cocktail party must have plenty of food and beverages, great decor, theme costumes and a catering presentation on-point. So, we’ve come up with the few top decor ideas to make your cocktail party unique.

  • Light up bar


The idea of a stunningly bling bar decor is here in 2020. Go big on using fairy lights and decorate the bar and the surrounding area with lights everywhere! It looks amazing and beautiful. It undoubtedly rules our hearts.

  • Karaoke


Make couples sing it out together. To keep you in a good competitive mood, work things out in a manner that includes competition. Keep fun prizes open for the winning teams. Add ridiculous rules that will allow only Bollywood racy songs and cheer loudly when the couple tries to keep pace with “Ayyo Mora Saiyyan Psycho.”

  • Quirky signs at the pub


Having quirky and fun signs at the bar adds a little more excitement.

4. Sangeet

Sangeet can be one of the insane experience out of all the events, where all your friends and family will remember it forever. If bright and colourful drapes are for Mehendi ceremony, then all glitzy is intended for Sangeet night.

  • Welcome signboards


The first impression, as they say, is the last one so you have to get a beautifully built welcome board. You can select a nice font for the text on your Welcome Boards. 

  • Dhol decoration


Decoration with Dhol is in demand. Since music and dance are the focus of the evening, one gets into the ceremony’s mood instantly.