Dear Girls, we know your struggle of finding the best Makeup Artist MUA for your special day. Nothing is scarier than spending thousands on a Makeup Artist MUA that just doesn’t work as per your wishes or having a makeup blunder on your D-Day!

Makeup is an art and not everyone can ace it. So here’s the list of Delhi’s best and renowned Makeup Artists MUA to look your best at the wedding. 

1. Guneet Virdi MUA

Guneet Virdi is a celebrity makeup artist. Guneet is a very popular face, not only in Delhi but across the country, as the wedding dates of her bridal clients are decided on her availability. It is often believed that a makeup artist is nothing without her makeup vanity and Guneet has it all! From high-end brands to best of the tools to accompany. She is known for her extremely experimental looks. Also, not to forget her skilled hand in beautifying your lovely facial features and dolling you up. 

2. Leena Bhushan MUA

As they say, until you start loving what you do, you wouldn’t do what you love. And that’s the exactly with Leena Bhushan MUA. Her love for makeup is very apparent in every bride she dolled up. Whether it is a soft pink look or a dramatic red look, Leena nails every look she creates. Nothing is impossible in the world of makeup, it is just the balance of the right tools and understanding of color theory, and the result is just perfect! Team Leena makes sure to make their brides the quintessential diva because that’s what they’re. 

3. Iza Setia MUA

If you are bored with the traditional monotony in bridal makeup, then Iza Setia is the most appropriate Makeup Artist for you. Iza definitely knows how to play and have fun with makeup, while side by side keeping the creative element alive! From an easy breezy day look, to a heavy yet subtle night reception look, expect nothing less than impeccability and exquisiteness. With as humungous as 120k following on Instagram, you know you’re choosing the best from the lot for yourself. Save yourself from the headache and trust Iza do the wonders on your beautiful face on the D-Day!

4. Amrit Kaur MUA

If there’s anyone who understands wedding makeup the best, it has got to be Amrit Kaur! Amrit can be synonymous with Perfection which is so evident via the pictures on her Instagram. Makeup can go horribly wrong If not done correctly. And that’s where Amrit Kaur comes in. Minimalism is the key, which is the very reason she is so good at her work. Amrit Kaur brings your makeup fantasies into realities for those butterflies in the stomach feeling. Your partner will definitely be wooed at your surreal beauty!