Don’t we all love our furry little friends? These adorable beings have been part and parcel of your life and are as vital to you as friends and family. So don’t you want them to be a part of your big day? The idea is not quite as far fetched as you think. A lot of couples have included their pets at their weddings to the oohs and aahs of the onlookers. Here, we have for you some cute and fun ways in which your pets can take part in your wedding.

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During the Bride/Groom Entry

These cuties have been by your side for a long time now. Welcoming you with excited wags as you return from home and lapping up your tears and giving you a good snuggle on your bad days. All things considered, they do deserve to walk down the aisle with you. Get a cute costume stitched for them and walk them down with you.


If not with you, they can accompany the flower girls. Kids with dogs make for the most adorable pictures. Just seeing them will help the atmosphere turn cheerful and happy. 

A couple of things to take care of here is that there must be someone to take care of your pet for the rest of the ceremony. Also, practice the aisle walk beforehand to avoid any confusion at the last minute.

As A Ring Bearer

Puppies make the cutest ring bearers, no doubt about it. The only requirement is that the dog should be well trained and disciplined enough to carry out the task. For safety’s sake, you can have someone accompany the dog, and it should be someone they know and are comfortable with.

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Include Them In Photoshoots

Include them in the photoshoots which you have with your bridesmaids or groomsmen. Dress them up in something cute and coordinated with the rest of the squad. This will make you happy whenever you go through the pictures. You can also include them in your pre-wedding photoshoot. Then you will have the time and leisure to take multiple poses and incorporate many ideas. 

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Get Ready Together

In case you cannot take them tp your venue, then let them be there with you as you get ready for your big day. You can click some cute pictures, and having them will also help calm your nerves.

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Right At The Proposal

If you cannot include them in the actual ceremony, then you can include them when you pop the question. You can go for a makeshift collar with the message written on it and have them waiting when your fiance-to-be enters. Seeing them alone is going to make her go all teary and happy, and it will surely be a proposal to remember.

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Represent Them In Cute Ways

There are many ways in which you can symbolically include your pet without having them physically present at the wedding. You can have their picture as a locket or have their image embedded in your cuff links.


You can include their photos along with the photo montage that you have. You can have them represented as a cake topper or have signature cocktails named after them.


While having your pet at your wedding is beautiful and special, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. First, check whether the venue allows pets. Second, have a friend/relative take full responsibility for the pet on the big day as you will be too busy. Third, take the pet to the venue once or twice before the actual event so that they can get familiarised to the place.