The footwears are as important as any other thing for the bride. Apart from the wedding attire, mangalsutra and jewellery, footwear is also an attractive agent for the bride. Everything needs to be perfect to make the bride look perfect. Generally, a bride always chooses heels for pairing them up with the lehenga. The heels give a proper stature and posture for the bride as well as helps her to carry the lehenga beautifully.

Designer Footwears Option For The Bride

It is an essential part of the entire wedding attire of the bride. Hence, there are many options for the bride to choose from for her big day.

Some of the options are listed below:

1. Jooti and Mojadi: The jooti and mojadi has been in the trend for very long. It is a traditional form of footwear that has been worn by Indian ladies from many years. Nowadays, there are many changes that have been made in the original designs of jootis and mojadis. Now there are beautiful and colourful designs and stones embedded in them which gives them a rich and classy look. They are easy to carry and soft on the feet.

2. Heels: Heels are one of their kind. There are many types of heels like stilettos, peep toes and wedges. A bride can always choose whatever she wants. The heels give a straight posture and stature to the bride. It has an elegant feature in them and makes the bride look more classy. It is a slightly tough job to handle the heels for a long time but lookwise it is an all-time favourite.

3. Sandals: It is one of the most comfortable and ethnic footwear for the bride. It comes with straps and belts and has many other beautiful designs. They are super easy to carry and are trending in the current wedding scene. They are often stone studded and have small mirror work which gives the bride a traditional look.

The bridal attire is always very heavy and sometimes jewel studded. So, to pair them up, a bride needs to choose the footwear that exactly goes with the bride’s attire. The heavy footwears with stones and mirror work have always been in the trend. It depicts the exquisite work of Indian craftsmen. It also depicts the tradition of Indian society. The brides need to find something which is convenient for them to stand or walk for a longer period of time. The footwears for an India bride should be given equal and proper importance. Many designers also involve embroidery and delicate works like zari, resham and many more for giving the design an intricate look.

It is also very important to choose the colour of footwear very wisely. The colour Golden is of the utmost importance in all the wedding function and you can team up with almost anything. It has become a style statement and also makes the bridal look complete. Whereas, the colour Red is said to be the most beautiful colour which suits the bride in every way. It is a classic colour of the Indian wedding ceremony.

Brides need to focus one each and everything. Right from the hairs and finally to the footwears to carry on her toes. She has to keep up to it all. Despite all this, she manages to be the most beautiful woman on her big day. So, choose them and live up to your dreams wisely.