Fashion is like an infinity loop. Many years ago, women use to put nose pins not only on their wedding day but also on a daily basis. In today’s era, this fashion had made a comeback in the lives of Indian brides. Many girls are looking out for the perfect nose pin that would go perfectly with their jewellery and wedding attire. So, here is a list of ideas that may help you with different options of nose pins.

1. Nathanis

Nathanis are half round or circle in shape. These are usually worn by the Marathi brides. These nathanis are embedded with different precious and semi precious stones. The nathani goes well with someone who has a sharp nose. These are small and medium in sizes.

2. Single Stone

These types of nose pins comprises of a single stud that is inserted on the side of the nose. It gives a simple yet classy look. These types of nose pins are usually paired with someone who has a small face. It gives them a decent look which a larger nathani cannot give.

3. Large and Round Nath

These are the large naths that were worn by the queens and princesses of old times. These are circular in shape and can give a royal touch to your wedding look. These large naths are often attached to a chain which is attached to the hairs at the back of the year. It gives you a beautiful and bold look. These are suitable for women who have bigger foreheads.

4. Nose Ring

These types of nose pins are a simple and plain ring made up of precious or semi-precious stones. They are small and circular in shape. They give a simple look which can attract much more people as compared to the larger naths. These types of nose pins are really comfortable and give an elegant touch to the overall look of the bride.

5. Artificial Bendable Loops

The artificial nose pins are also easily available for the brides who do not have their nose pierced. There are many types of the artificial nose pins as well. You can have floral, u bent, beaded, gold studded, and many more.

So, these were some of the ideas that will definitely increase the urge of buying a nose pin along with your bridal jewelry set.