There are a lot of venues where wedding ceremonies, receptions, and other wedding events are held. Venues are crucial for a wedding and hold a very high level of importance.  Nothing is more satisfying than knowing that have you have found the most beautiful, memorable spot for you and the love of your life to get married. 

The wedding decors are considered as one of the most noticeable attractions of the day. Your venue will lack its appeal if it is not for the decor around it. The decor sets the vibe and atmosphere of the wedding. Moreover, it accentuates the venue and the ceremony and gives them the look fit for the occasion. Different decors fit for various venues. 

This article gives you a list of decor for various venues. Please note that decor is applicable to all and can be arranged and set up for all locations/ venues and vice versa. 


Starting off with the venues, there are among the most popular places. 

  • Restaurants

Restaurants are cozy and intimate. Everyone naturally feels comfortable in this setting, so many efforts don’t need to be put for this. Moreover, restaurant weddings are also fairly affordable and easily manageable. 

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  • Hotels

Hotels usually cater to grand and royal weddings which have a huge crowd. As you may think, these are comparatively expensive but surely worth it in case of a huge ceremony or a crowd gathering.

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  • Conference centers

Conference Centres usually cater to big weddings and big crowds. They also offer help with technical needs like photo slideshows, sound, lighting, and other such entertainment. Moreover, if the size of the room leans towards a smaller area, small and minimalistic weddings can also be planned here. 

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  • Art Galleries

“Art galleries, modern restaurants, loft venues, and warehouses can provide a blank canvas kind of space for your wedding vision to come to life.” Furthermore, art galleries are literally the most aesthetic venues and you can be assured that your guests will never get bored!  

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Consequently, coming to decor, here are some options for decor for various venues. 

  • Modern

For an overall modern look, you must pick classy, dainty, and elegant items as your decor. Think more on the path of clean lines, geometric shapes, and minimal design. Furthermore, put a modern spin on anything, from your wedding dress to your venue decorations. In addition to that, keeping sleek seats, a cool structural backdrop, or a bold color scheme also completes the decor look.

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  • Contemporary

This set up needs to be like a traditional wedding as it may include all of the formalities that are present at a traditional wedding, such as a sit-down dinner and speeches. Moreover, it is an amalgamation of the modern and traditional setup. There is a lot of room for creativity here and your favorite things, that you want at the wedding can be easily incorporated in this theme. 

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  • Minimalist

For this type of decor, pick simple and dainty things. Go with the saying, “Less is more,” and stick to it. This usually applies to every aspect of the wedding. For instance, the guest list will have only a close circle and close relatives around. 

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Moreover, the venue will be comparatively smaller and the decor will also be minimalistic. These weddings are intimate and extremely small scale. 

  • Traditional

All over the world, there are numerous unique traditions that people follow for marriage. Having a decor set like that would be extremely comfortable and welcoming.

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Moreover, it could be joining of two different traditions together or even the same one!