Wedding days must include everything that is important to the couple- be it the people, the decor, the venue, etc. One of the best ways to do so is to have a wedding theme. Using a theme, they can pull together all sorts of events into one cohesive smooth event. There are different types of wedding themes that you can pick from. Moreover, there are also themes that you can specifically curate and customize for your wedding. 


This theme leans towards a sense of elegance. It is dainty, aesthetic, and extremely eye-catching. Generally, it includes everything that a traditional wedding has, even the formalities. It has the foundations of a traditional and classic wedding along with a twist of contemporary. The twists can be in things like a different venue or an event, which is not usually there in a traditional wedding. Moreover, it has a modern take on invitations, styling, flowers, and decorations. Therefore, if you have such preferences, the foundation of a contemporary theme would be best suited for your wedding. 

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This theme reminds us more of the reminiscent bygone era. The most popular weddings having this particular theme are Victorian Era weddings. The theme ‘vintage’ is indicated by the items used in the wedding. For instance, a vintage car, vintage clothing, or even a vintage decor expresses the theme. Moreover, it does not have to be in a traditional setup. The wedding might lean more towards a cocktail wedding as it is more applicable and compatible with the vintage theme.

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This theme expresses the simplicity of country life and references the outdoors. It displays rustic elements such as timber, metal, and natural unstructured bouquets and flowers. These kinds of weddings usually have an outdoor setting. For instance, a farm, a yard, a shed or a barn is used for such a wedding.  Some rustic weddings even tend to have the ceremony and reception at the same location, or on the same property. This wedding is not very formal, but in fact, very laid back and relaxed. Moreover, it generally happens under a marquee or tree, which is perfect!

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Beach weddings are extremely relaxed. The guests do not have to follow a traditional wedding setup and are far more laid back. Beach weddings are the most optimal choice for couples who adore the sea. A beach set up creates an amazing atmosphere around. Most of such weddings include the ceremony on the beach (mostly in a setup shown as below) and a reception ceremony in a setting or a place nearby. It could be a large gathering or an intimate beach ceremony with just a handful of close friends and family.

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Now Bohemian weddings also have the vibe of a little rustic and vintage wedding. They give out a feeling of laid back and relaxed atmosphere like a beach wedding. These also have the elegance of a contemporary wedding. So, overall, it has all the elements of the themes mentioned above. These weddings usually relate to nature and incorporate such a feel. These can be done on a beach setting too as they would be compatible and work out seamlessly.

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The last theme for the article ends on a fruity and sweet note. Get a compilation of all the things you love and infuse them in your wedding. Exotic flowers, bright colors, coastal decor, and more are certain ways that tropical weddings are designed in. This theme also works out wonderfully in beach venues. With palm leaves or banana leaves and a vibe full of freshness of nature, tropical themes complete the wedding successfully. 

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