Many brides-to-be find themselves confused for options when it comes to bridal lehengas. However, making that once-in-a-lifetime choice is difficult for any woman who is about to get married.

On your wedding day, you wish to look beautiful, classy, and unique from all the other brides. We too want you to have an offbeat attire for your wedding. Hence, here is a collection of unconventional bridal lehengas in different colors to add that factor of difference to your attire:

  • Sequined Champagne Lehenga

    The bride looks beautiful in this sequined champagne lehenga. It gives her whole attire a golden look.

  • Grey Lehenga

    You can always go for the soft and subtle grey color, pairing it up with geometric and floral designs.

  • Purple Lehenga

Purple color in any outfit looks royal and you’ll look like a princess in the purple bridal lehenga.

  • Lilac Lehenga

Wish to look like a meadow in the bloom? The lilac lehenga is definitely for you then. The color is as exotic as it sounds.

  • White Lehenga

Who says that the desi bride can’t wear white at her wedding? Bring a western twist to your wedding by wearing a white lehenga.

  • Fuchsia Lehenga

Fuchsia can look as vibrant as red on your wedding day. It will make you a pretty bride.

  • Orange Lehenga

The orange-colored lehenga will not only look vibrant but quite different and unconventional. Having good embroidery on it will add more appeal to it.

Now if you’re planning to design your wedding lehenga, here are some out-of-the-box designs that you can use for your unconventional bridal lehengas:

  • Dip-Dye the Lehenga

You can partially dye the cloth for lehenga to give your lehenga a dip-dye look. You can choose the dye color to be in contrast with the color of the cloth.


  • Color Blocking

You can pair two colors in your complete outfit. Take one color for the blouse and add a border to it which is of the second color. Similarly, for lehenga, choose the second color and add a border which is of the first color.

  • Printed Lehenga

If you wish to save the money on all the heavy embroidery, you can always go for a printed cloth.

  • Netted Sleeves

This one is especially those who are planning outdoor weddings in summer. The netted sleeves will save you from the sun and the heat.

  • Woolen Knit Lehenga

If netted sleeves are for summers, a woolen knit lehenga will be a good choice for winters.

  • Fandom Themed Lehenga

If you’re a Marvel or DC fan, you can get your lehenga designed with the combinations of your favorite superhero.

Beat the red color on your wedding and go crazy with your unconventional wedding lehenga! You can also check out some creative and out-of-the-box ideas for wedding cards by clicking here.