The eyes always look around for beautiful and unique items. The heart and mind always remember exclusive things you see and love. This leads to people spending hours in their presentation. Similarly is the case when you are preparing for your big day. The day when you take a step into a new phase of your life, a phase that along with new relationships gives you new responsibilities to shoulder. Hence, as the day starts you need it to be special and memorable. Something that not only stays in your heat for years but in the minds of everyone who attends.


These dreams and wishes for the big day lead to a considerable amount of planning. Deciding all the functions, their themes, their venues and most importantly your clothes is a big task. One more very essential element is the d├ęcor, decor of all the functions along with the big day. The decor is something that helps to set the mood of celebration. Therefore, it should be something that brings joy along with having a touch of your personality. It shows your likes and dislikes and helps to make the ceremonies even more interesting.

When you think about decor ideas that are exclusive and out-of-the-box, you may want to search the internet. These are the days of experiment and DIY. What can be more special than trying some DIY for your wedding or wedding of a close friend or family member? There are many interesting DIY Indian wedding decor ideas all over the internet, magazines, and celebrity weddings.

DIY Decor Ideas

There can be a long list of DIY Indian wedding decor ideas that you can try this wedding season. These can also be a source of side income for some. Few may use it to enhance their creative skills. It can also lead to inspiring others by sharing on social media sites.


Origami is a famous Japanese paper folding technique of craft. Different colored papers can be used with origami to get funky and beautiful backdrops.

Remembering the Childhood


As you step on to your new phase of life, remembering your childhood is a good idea. So, using different elements reminiscing childhood like kites, tea kettles, paper fans, bells, balloons brings a personal and exclusive touch.



Flowers have been the main element of wedding decor for a long time. Using them in different styles like around or inside glasses, covered on thermocoal balls, around candles, cages and other items of decor can give a unique look to the ceremony.

Rural and Rustic Look

Using terracotta pots, old ceramic plates, vases, metal trays, frames, boxes, and other items can help to give a beautiful rural and rustic look.

Color Play

Colors can help to add life to any decoration. Using colorful pom-pom balls, paper designs, cloth pieces, etc. can help to lighten the ceremony.

Showcase the Love Story

In the end, the wedding is a new step in your love story. So using photo collage or different photos stuck on pieces of flowers, cloth, lights or other items can help showcase your love story.


Draping colorful cloth pieces or according to your color theme, is a kind of decor that has become quite famous these days.


Funky and cool handwritten slogans, special wedding hashtags, posters, and photo placards add fun to celebrations.



Good lighting can bring life to your decor without any extra elements. Using fairy lights, big bulbs hanging to ceilings, lamps on tables according to your theme can help set the right mood.

Other Items

Other items may include decorative glass bottles or vases for tables, decoration on trees, frames, handmade diyas and candles etc.