The Ambani Wedding

Akash Ambani married Shloka Mehta, daughter of Russell Mehta, the Head of Rozy Blue Diamonds, on 9th of march at Jio World Centre in Mumbai. The wedding had big names from around the world marking their presence. Here we bring to you the things that stood out in this #bigfatindianwedding or maybe the biggest wedding ever in India.

The Wedding Invitation.

Wedding Invitations are the new trending topics when it comes to wedding planning, gone are the days when the wedding invitations were the one responsibility that one used to get over with as quickly as they can. Now wedding invitations give us an idea about how grand the wedding will be.

The Wedding Invitation of Akash and Shloka’s wedding was somewhat similar to the one in Isha Ambani’s wedding. The Invitation was in the shape of a box, roughly the size of a board game. The video of the wedding invitation did go viral on the social media. The invitation opens up with a circular disk rotating and has Radha and Krishna in the background. The next layer unfolds with another picture of goddess Radha and lord Krishna. In the inner compartment we have the wedding invitation starting with the message “O Suryadeva (Sun God). You are the light in our Akash. You illuminate our every Shloka,”

The wedding invitation then has a message by Mukesh and Nita Ambani. The note for each event is accompanied by a pop-up card on the other side of the page, which opens up to either Lord Krishna or Lord Ganesh.

Now the things to look up to is that do you really want a big loaded card or want to go with the e-invites. If you are pleased with the former then make sure that you have your guest list perfectly aligned beforehand as a loaded wedding card will definitely cost you a fortune. What can be done is that you can have selected guests to whom you would want to give this big fat card, and the rest of the guests can be invited with the prior decided idea.

The Bachelorette.

Akash Ambani flew to Switzerland on 23rd Feb with his friends which included Ranbir Kapoor and Karan Johar as well. The main takeaway from this Bachelorette was that it was few weeks prior to the wedding, which gave the groom enough time to enjoy there and then following with the wedding preps.

What most of us do is that we plan the bachelorette just a few days prior to our wedding which does not give us enough time to enjoy with our friends and folks as we have the wedding preps in mind. So, make sure that you plan your bachelorette well in advance and a few weeks prior to your wedding.

The Sangeet.

The sangeet and the pre wedding ceremony continued for 3 days having the performances of Shreya Ghoshal, Phalguni Pathak amongst others. The Ambani’s did prepare the dance performances for the pre-wedding ceremony with everyone from the Ambani Family giving their performances.

Your takeaway from this ‘Grand Sangeet Ceremony’ can be that everyone from your family should be there with a performance, whether it be a dance performance, singing or even hosting the events.

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