Emergency kit for wedding day

On this special day of your life, it’s obvious that you want everything to work out smoothly and flawlessly. But flawless doesn’t come easily; you need to plan out solutions to potential mishaps that could happen on this big day. Better yet, ask your most trusted bridesmaids to take care of this for you. What else are they there for?

Emergency kit for wedding day

From makeup touch-ups to accessory breakouts to even broken shoe heel, an emergency kit has solutions for all such problems and therefore is of utmost importance. People generally don’t think much of it, or they keep it for the ‘later work’ and it’s kind of justified for them to do so. Out of the hundreds of thousands of things that need to be planned out for a wedding (vendors, arrangements, guest lists, outfit shopping, alterations, caterers, lighting and a hundred decisions more), an emergency kit is the last on the checklist. Or for most people, it doesn’t even make the list. That’s actually being irresponsible because of the fact that you’ve done everything to make the wedding day perfect and it would be disappointing if you’re not prepared for a lot of things that could go wrong. And in most weddings, there is something that does go wrong at the end moment, be it unexpected crying leading to a makeup disaster that you spent thousands of bucks on getting it perfect or sudden outfit breaks and absence of a safety pin.

What All You Need in Your Emergency Kit For Wedding Day

Now that we have established the utter need of an emergency kit, let’s dig in and see the things you need to have in it for sure…

1) Lipstick

With constant chit-chats on the wedding day with family, friends, relatives and more relatives the *whole* day (not to mention the 43268 smiles for the camera), your lipstick (no matter how long-lasting and expensive it is) is bound to fade out. Keep it checked in for touch-ups every few hours.

Emergency kit for wedding day

2) Compact

It’s going to be a loooong day. Your makeup, even when done by the best makeup artist in the town, needs some freshening up. And for that, you need to have a compact at hand. It also helps in absorbing the oil from your face, if there is any, and gives an overall fresh look. So every bathroom break you take, compact.

3) Perfume

Just as I said in the second point, it’s going to be a long day. And we don’t want sweat to steal your flowery-bride-y scent and dim your shine. So keep a small perfume in the emergency kit for sure.

Emergency kit for wedding day

4) Safety Pins

A quick fix for outfit breakouts in the end moment is a safety pin for you. If you need to make any particular adjustments, and you will because look at that beautiful but a little hard to carry and be comfortable in the outfit, a safety pin is a must. Shower the kit with many pins!

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5) Q-tips

If you have an unexpected ‘Oh my God I’m getting married today’ moment right after you’re all set and ready to go out, we don’t want your expensive eye makeup to trash and ruin your special day. For that, a Q tip works wonders. So be sure to keep many in the kit.

Emergency kit for wedding day

6) Tissues, Sanitary pads, Hand Sanitizer and Chewing Gums

DUHHHHHH. I don’t even have to elaborate here.

7) Phone Charger

We don’t want you running out of battery on this day because what if you need to sneak in and take a vodka shot in the middle of the ceremony? How are you going to contact your bridesmaid to get you one??

Emergency kit for wedding day

8) Bobby Pins

Stray hair can annoy the hell out of you, mark my words. So keep that shiny gorgeous hair in place and carry a lot of bobby pins in the emergency kit.

Emergency kit for wedding day

9) Medicine and a Bottle of Water

For health purposes, you can’t compromise on these things at all. It’s quite natural for you to feel a little overwhelmed or dizzy in the middle of this long day. So checkity check it in!



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