engagement gowns

The outfit of the bride is just so important because all eyes are set on the bride. No matter if it is the traditional Lehenga or the stylish Wedding Gowns, the bride’s outfit has to be different and never-seen-before kind of. Nowadays, gowns have become a hot trend among the brides, especially for the occasions like Engagement. It is modern, elegant and dressy which makes it an amazing choice for the brides. Here are the Trending Gowns For the Bride-To-Be that can make her look angelic on her engagement day:

Engagement Gowns That Will Make You Look Angelic

engagement gowns

Saree Gowns

Saree Gowns are the fusion of the traditional sarees and western gowns. These are designed especially for contemporary women who loves to be comfortable and still look traditional. Shilpa Shetty Kundra wore saree gown in her reception and since then it is in vogue.

engagement gowns

Ruffled Gowns

The long gown with ruffles on the skirt looks graceful and stylish. This type of gown can be worn in engagement as this is one of the most trusted options. You can go for strapless gowns in icy blue, frosty green, peach or jewel tones and make a statement as your Indian engagement dresses.

engagement gowns

Gowns having Princess Trail

The Meghan Markle effect is not yet over I guess because this gown with princess trail is one of our top choices for your engagement ceremony. The trail is a blend of grace and elegance. Gowns having princess trail are unmatched and look splendid.

engagement gowns

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Backless Mermaid Gown

If you are tall and have an hourglass figure like that of Malaika Arora Khan, you would want to show off your curves. So for you, this is the best gown that you should opt. You are literally going to look like a mermaid at your engagement party.

engagement gowns

Ball Gown

This type of gown has an extreme flare and makes you look like a Disney princess. There is no doubt one will feel royalty wearing this type of gown. Sweetheart or tube neckline looks alluring with these type of gowns. This is a trend that never goes out of fashion.

engagement gowns

Assymetrical Gown

What goes around, comes around. The asymmetrical hemline became the latest fashion trend with Priyanka Chopra and Shilpa Shetty flaunting it in formal events. This style is best for tall women. Short women may look even shorter, so it’s better to belt it up if you so want to wear it in your engagement party. Nonetheless, there is no denying the fact that the asymmetrical gown is perfect for those who love creativity and off the beat style.

engagement gowns

Inverted Basque Gown

This gown is rage and you can wear it if you have a tiny waist and you want to accentuate it. The inverted basque gown is the opposite of the basque/ ball gown. This type of gown sits high on the waist. This looks trendy and gives modern vibes.

engagement gowns

No matter which gown you pick for your engagement ceremony, gowns look magnificent and classy. I am sure the gown you will choose to wear will add distinctiveness to your look. Wear it with confidence and what you don’t have to forget is a smile on your face.