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Songs can be rightly termed as the lifeline of a wedding function. A wedding is all about enjoying thoroughly and it would not be wrong to say that some evergreen songs add the much-required fuel to the already high running human emotions.

Important here is to mention the fact that there are some evergreen songs, without which, Indian weddings may be termed as incomplete. These evergreen songs are not restricted to any particular class of society, any specific cultural or geography whatsoever one may call.

Evergreen Songs

So, get ready to restore such songs from your memory base and I believe, you will be reviving all the important events of a wedding function by the time you finish reading this article.

Dancing baraaties mark the true beginning of the mega event. Grand celebrations start as soon as the groom reaches the wedding venue.

1. Baby Doll Main Sone Di-

featuring stunning Sunny Leone and sung by sensational Kanika Kapoor, Ragini MMS 2The entire brigade of girls headed by the sisters will go crazy on this foot-tapping number of the movie showing their ‘TEVAR’ and leave no stone unturned to flash their dashing personality.

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2. DJ Wale Babu, Mera Gaana Chala Do-

This new entry song from ‘Baadshah’ remains on the auto repeat mode as time and again requests for it keep pouring in for the ‘DJ WALE BABU’ by one or the other. Undoubtedly, this number is on the track of sealing its place in the wedding songs playlist and becoming one of the most popular songs.

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3. Aaj Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Hai-

Voiced by veteran singers Mohammed Rafi and Ravi, this is a typical Bollywood song specially created for the (male) friends of the groom. It signifies the expression of happiness of best pals of the groom on the occasion of their friend’s marriage, dancing before ‘Dulhe ki Ghodhi’ among the beats of ‘Band’, ‘Baaja’ and ‘Baraat’.

4. Baharon Phool Barsao

This song can be rightly termed as the epic wedding song ever since its release. It marks the entry of the bride in the hall where the groom is waiting for her for the ceremony of ‘Jaimala’. Sung by Mohammed Rafi featured in Bollywood movie ‘Suraj’ in 1966, this melodious song has maintained its legacy even after five decades. As soon as this song gets played, everyone moves towards the hall to catch the glimpse of the blushing bride.

5. Mere Haath Mein Tera Haath Ho-

As soon as the bride reaches near the stage where the groom is standing to receive his Cinderella, this song from movie ‘Fanaa’ in the soulful voice of Sonu Nigam acts as a perfect situational sequence and continues till the bride-groom duo share some intimate eye contacts on stage.

Once the ‘Jai Mala’ is done, the dance floor is rocked by the relatives and friends of both the sides as the crowd erupts with full energy and enthusiasm.

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6. Brazil-

is SO POPULAR in India especially as a wedding number. Either its trance beats or something energetic makes people jump madly on ‘Brazil, la la la la la la, Vengaboys explanation to why this song by Brazil’. This is surely a surprising number in the list of evergreen songs.

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7. London Thumakda-

This can be convincingly termed as a brand new entry to the list of evergreen songs. The pre-wedding situation depicted in the movie ‘flavour perfectly relates to everyone’s pre-wedding environment along with Punjabi Queen.

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8. Hatja Taau Paache Ne-

Here is a unique offbeat hit Haryanvi song as one of the best dancing songs. It depicts the presence of folk music in Indian weddings, especially in the Northern region. But with a modernised twist, enjoy the song on the celebration day.

     9. Char Baj Gaye Lekin Party Abhi Baaki Hai-

Whenever the crowd needs a bump to re-energize themselves or the young brigade wants to fuel their dancing spirits, this song from ‘F.A.L.T.U.’ movie is mandatory to be played indicating that the party is still ‘ON.’

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Let’s move to the heartthrob of Indian Wedding songs i.e. PUNJABI TADKA.

   10. Do Ghut Pila De Saathiya

Irrespective of the fact that you are drunk or not, everyone seems to be fascinated on being intoxicated on this song. Only soft drink oriented weddings too, have this number on their playlist on a mandatory basis. The most celebrated and requested Punjabi track without which wedding is REALLY incomplete.

   11. Dede Gehra, Ni Dede Gera –

Bachelors try to impress and convince girls to dance with them on this song sung by Balvir Boparai. Lashing girls too take pride to showcase their attitude, style and naughty moves on this Punjabi Hit.

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   12. Chitte Suit Te Daag Pe Gaye-

Dancing with traditional wear on this number spread the Punjabi moves is a delight to watch for the guests.flavour all over the wedding arena. Enjoying typical Punjabi

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   13. Paran Hoja Soniye, Saddi Rail Gaddi Aai-

All the family members are pulled up to the dance floor, an enlarged circle is formed and the family RAIL moves in a circular arrangement. Onlookers are seen discussing the relation of people in Rail chain with the bride or groom.

   14. Jeevan Saathi Hum, Diya Aur Baati Hum-

Now, it’s time for the star couple to show their chemistry. This song signifies the meeting of two souls as a new phase of their lives begins making them inseparable till the eternity.

   15. Teri Ore-

One of the most romantic songs showcasing the love, commitment, and dedication of the bride towards her Prince charming. The audience is enthralled to watch the hero-heroine of the night expressing their feelings through this melodious number from the movie ‘Singh is King’ voiced by melody queen ‘Shreya Ghoshal.’

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   16. Dilliwali Girlfriend-

This peppy number from ‘Yei Jawani Hai Diwani’ is a perfect pampering one dedicated by the groom to his lady. He tries to make her aware of the efforts made by him to have her as his life partner leaving all his female fans disappointed.

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   17. Dulhe Ka Sehra Suhana-

A decade has passed and much more will pass too, but, no wedding ceremony goes without this touching song in the final phase of the event. Everyone gets emotional with mixed feelings of happiness and sadness at the same time.

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   18. Baabul Ki Duaayein Leti Jaa-

It is said that while recording this song, Mohammed Rafi Sahab was actually choked with the emotions depicted in its lyrics. It showcases the feelings of a father while allowing his princess in someone’s hand. This song went on to become the ‘BIDAI’ song.

19. Tunak Tunak Tun-

Nobody can deny the upbeat this song produces in the guests.Sung by Daler Mehendi, a very popular Punjabi bhangra singer who sings energetic dance songs, his distinctive voice has made every wedding guest rock with this song way back in 90’s.

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20. Sauda Khara Khara-

Sung in 1999 by Sukhbir, Known as the ‘Prince of Bhangra‘, this is another Punjabi energetic song for lovers which will urge you to dance and rock the floor.

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21. Mehandi Laga Ke Rakhna-

Well, no one can forget this song from the evergreen blockbuster movie Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge. A sweet and melodious song with a gentle mix of bhangra. It is for everyone who can sit back and dream about his/her future life partner. 

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22. Dhol Jageroo Da-

One of Master Saleem’s popular Punjabi song. No northern wedding is complete without this. With its irresistible bhangra beats and song sang slowly, it will make even an old pal wanting to move to the sound of the “dhol”. If you’ve been to a wedding and this hasn’t played… you haven’t been to a proper Punjabi wedding….

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23. Kala Sha Kala-

Sung by Anamika. A song for every sangeet and wedding! This Punjabi song will make every groom feel good whether is brown, black or white and be thankful to his wife for choosing him as her life partner.

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24. Ishq Tera Tadpave-

Another of Sukhbir’s hits for men who are eagerly waiting for their dream women. Ishq Tadpaave will make you rush onto the dance floor and explode all your emotions.

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25. Mauja Hi Mauja

I would say this is a sure hit among modern Bollywood evergreen songs which is perfect to get your body rolling and can be your launchpad on the dance floor. Doesn’t matter if you are a hardcore Punjabi or a Desi Jat, the beats of the song can easily compel you to show your best moves.

26. Desi Girl-

A not so old but will soon become a hit among evergreen songs. This is an ideal song for all the babes who just came in the wedding to flaunt their designer lehengas and sarees. We are damn sure you will get all the attention you seek and don’t be surprised if notice majority of the eyeballs moving towards the dance floor from Paneer Tikkas.

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Some other popular Indian evergreen weddings and marriage songs are:

27. Ainvayi Ainvayi Lut Gaya

Another classic wedding song, Ainvayi Ainvayi will give the perfect vibes for the celebration and exuberant beats to shake a leg to!

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28. Sadi Gali-

A beautiful blend of beats and a song satisfying the wedding mood, this is an evergreen song for the D-day.

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29. Banno Tera Swagger-

It’s time for the girl gang to get on stage and dance their hearts out to this extremely catchy and upbeat song specially for weddings.

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30. Badtameez Dil-

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Next time you attend a wedding, enjoy these tracks along with knowing their significance. The above-given list may get expanded as the time passes but surely these evergreen songs will keep beautifying Indian weddings forever.