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When it comes to your wedding, each and every detail is important. Something that gets overlooked amongst all the hustle and bustle is the engagement tray. The engagement tray which bears your rings is a crucial element of the event and has to be taken care of. Engagement trays designs range across the spectrum- from simple glass boxes to more elaborate ones with monogrammed hashtags. Here, we have for you a list of the latest and most interesting tray designs that we found. 


Quirky Macaroon Boxes

This is the perfect option for a foodie couple. These cute little macaroon trinket boxes look quirky and pretty and come in a lot of unusual colours.


Terrarium Ring Holders

Terrarium holders have become a common sight at most wedding events as a decorative piece. Another way you can use them is as your engagement ring holder. Their geometric shape with the embedded plants gives off a very wholesome look. has


With Personalised Hashtags

personalised Instagram hashtags are all the rage now and your engagement party is the right time to introduce this. If you want a more elaborate design you can decorate the tray with a wooden frame with hanging lights and your hashtag and have the tray decorated with some flowers. You can have the rings in individual boxes or just lay them out on the plate amongst flowers.


A Classic Glass Box

A glass box is a go-to option when it comes to engagement trays. It looks modern, classy and you can work around along with it. They are available in a number of shapes from squares to octagons. You can fill up the bottom with white sand or with crystals of your favourite colour or even multicoloured beads. 


You can choose something with a gold ornate trimmings and small legs on which the box can rest. You can line the box with lace trimmings and you have gotten yourself an engagement tray. 


You can always choose to decorate the box with flowers arranged along the outline of the box. 


On A Cushion

You can always go for the tried and tested tradition of placing the ring on a pillow. The rings can be tied together with a colourful cushion to ensure that they don’t slip off. 


A Ring Hanger

Ring hangers are the current trend which a lot of couples are opting for. The heart-shaped metallic frame with the rings at the end of the hearts. The base of the stand can be decorated with flowers or even with pearls and stones. You can have decorations on the metal frame itself but I would say leaving it bare looks better. 


A Rustic Edge

If you are looking for a rustic design, then this is the one for you. A wooden plaque covered in jute fabric and lace has a bohemian look to it. You can have a printed or engraved card with your names on them. 


Using Cute Toys

This one is for the couples who love to take long rides. This also has a significance that it symbolises your starting a new journey after your wedding. Also, there is something adorable and romantic about vintage cars. It also makes for a nice, little shot for your wedding album. 


In A Miniature Garden

Make your engagement tray look like a cute little garden. A small, wooden box lined with plants with the rings in the centre looks quite unique. 


We hope that we have given you some great ideas for your engagement trays. Let us know your favourites in the comments. 



Marina Raja

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