The times are changing. With constant evolving, we have experienced many crisis. One very well-known includes the recent pandemic. After two horrifying waves, it is still not over. Spread throughout the world, it has created damaging effects. From so many being diagnosed to multiple deaths and post-covid problems, the world is still fighting. This is creating utmost trouble for everyone. With businesses being shut down, people being scared, loss of jobs, and a high risk of mental issues, the world is still trying to cope.

One major setback has been celebrations. The pandemic has ruined community celebrations, putting us all at standstill. It has become so difficult and unsafe to gather together. Being in safe proximity is important. Hence, the festival, party and wedding gatherings have been reduced too. There are issues of spreading and getting the infection and even problems of unhygienic and other contagious flu infections. So, we have found new ways to celebrate and connect. This calls for use of the internet. From video call weddings, meetings, parties, this has been our last resort.


So, as we adapt to this new way of celebration, the scenario has changed. From friends to family, most people have attended online weddings during the pandemic. Even now when the places have opened, people are avoiding huge gatherings for their own safety. So as you attend online weddings of your friends, here are some wonderful ideas. Let’s learn about a few eye-catching outfits for your friend’s video call wedding.

Outfits to Attend A Video-Call Wedding

Flare Blouse and Skirt

These days people love to give a personal and funky touch to traditional outfits. So, why not change your lehenga too! Adding a beautiful flair and elegant blouse with a skirt is the new in-thing. The blouse can have minimal work with flared up sleeves, a nice back, and a heavy work skirt to complete the look.



Now more and more people are taking it up for family functions. It gives a heavy look with minimal work and is one of the most chosen outfits in new-age weddings.

Long Shrug Lehenga

The way to attend is new, then the dress-up needs to be upgraded too. The dupatta of the lehenga has been replaced with shrugs these days. Instead of the traditional dupatta, women have taken a contemporary twist with a long, net shrug for a beautiful, modern look.

Coat Pant with a Twist


When you have a video-call wedding to attend, why should boys not slay in style! Take your original suit and twist it up a bit with a midway belt or a unique broch. You can even wear some mix-matching court pants, for a further contemporary look.

Jump Suits

Jumpsuits have been a favorite item for parties. They are comfortable and stylish. These days there are many jumpsuits available with heavy work, a shiny belt, or a stylish back. Just sly in style with this comfy yet perfect wedding attire for an online Indian wedding.

Women’s Pantsuit


A few days back the internet was amazed by a bride’s classy pantsuit. She took the internet with surprise with her interesting choice of wedding attire. So if she can, you can too. A nice, subtle, and pastel color pantsuit can be perfect, comfortable, and elegant for a video-call wedding party.

Churidar and Kurta

Another option for men is a churidar and kurta, There are dhoti pants, or normal pants worn with kurta too, The kurta options can be explored to suit the theme, color, and time of the wedding.

These are a few options you can choose from for your friend’s video call wedding. Though you are at a distance, you can surely dress up your best, enjoy and create memories together.