Makeup is what enhances your look and makes you more pleasing to the audience and bridal makeup is what everyone looks up to and even that everyone wants to learn how to do bridal makeup.

The eyes are said to be the most beautiful part of our body. Its eyes speak every emotion which we can’t speak. This is the reason for which eye makeup has got its importance, also eye makeup is what makes you look different and gorgeous.

There are many eye makeup that can enhance your look as :

Smokey eyes: The most common eye makeup but the very fact is that it looks very pretty on everyone and make us look bold and attractive. Although smokey eyes have not been in trend for quite a long time but for the brides, this is what makes their eyes more beautiful. Also there quite a list of colors by which you can make smokey eyes such as – shimmering pink smokey eyes, shimmering brown smokey eyes, shimmering brown smokey eyes, black smokey eyes.

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Minimal eye makeup or nude shade makeup- This eye makeup is for Those who are not fond of doing makeup can go for minimal eye makeup with just eyeliner or mascara or kajal which will make your look simple plus elegant. Matte nude eye makeup, heavy mascara with eye shadow, the eye with winged eyeliner, fluttery eyelashes with light brown eye makeup.



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Soft eye makeup: The new age eye makeup for the bride looks simply elegant. This makes your eyes look more fluffy and thus been the most used eye makeup. Rather if you don’t like dramatic makeup or smokey eyes you can go for soft eye makeup. Soft brown and golden eye makeup, soft pinkish brown eye, light pink eye makeup, soft gold eye makeup, soft silver/grey eye makeup.

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Summers have arrived so is the wedding season so be prepared with everything that a wedding required. Also for eye makeup use long-lasting eyeliner or mascara and also make sure they are waterproof because of summer heat. You can also use artificial eyelashes if you use waterproof mascara. As eyeliner is one of the most essential products of eye makeup makes use it is long-lasting.