Fancy Decor Ideas

The most important part of wedding planning is the wedding venue and fancy decor which plays a vital role in creating a classy and elegant atmosphere. Decoration in Indian wedding has surpassed the typical standards of only putting up a tent a long time. From elegant candelabras to rustic vintage crates, there are so many ideas to choose from. Increasing up even the tiniest of elements of the decoration to centering it around a set of theme entirely, simple Indian wedding decor ideas have undoubtedly been taken a notch higher!

Best 10 Fancy Decor Ideas for your Wedding (Attractive & Lavish)

So here is the list of fancy decor ideas for a dreamy wedding that we spotted to make the life of the bride and groom a little easy.

1) An Eye-catching and Entrancing Rustic Stage For Merry Vibes

With an adorned dome in varicoloured flowers, a white settee set against the backdrop in complementing pinks and stunning chandeliers, this white stage is undoubtedly a sight to behold. With heavily floral branched trees on both the sides, the expanse of this stage can’t be put into words.

Image Source: Dreamzkraft

2) Antique Vessels Accompanied By Heavy Drape Setup

Heavy maroon and printed drapes go well with the white and gold couch and chairs. Antique vessels will definitely add a charm to this setting, which will give it a majestic look and these antique vessels add to the whole aura of the stage is extreme antique and eye-pleasing.

Fancy Decor Ideas

3) Simple Yet Classy Setup With Shimmery Elements

With a tumble ceiling, backdrop with sparkling designs and candle decked up walls and stage seating, this stage is the administrator of perfection. The sheer beauty of this stage is so overwhelming. We can only wonder how dreamy it would have looked in reality.

Fancy Decor Ideas

4) Extra Charm By Baby Pink and White

Highlights of the entire stage will be huge floral adorned frames making up for the backdrop for the classic seating in front. All drape stage with harlequin leaves and surge floral ceiling above a charming seating arrangement is all things to dreamy.

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5) All Golden and Lit For a Royal Looking Stage Decor

An intricately designed golden metal structure accompanied by sage green drapes, a small candle chandelier, unique candle holders, and glass structures together entwine perfectly for luxurious royal feels. Having said that, the antique detailed white sofa fits in perfectly with the theme.

Image Source: Starzz Design and Decor

6) Floral Wedding Stage Done in Hues of Red and White

A semi-spherical and greatly decked up stage setting with red and white flowers, gush adornments in hues of red and whites and baby pink drapes, this stage decor is a charmer. The chandelier and the brass sofa will blend in so gracefully for those vintage vibes which is too adorable.

7) Everything Sparkling and Gold

With a cute small couch heavily adorned up in floral arrangement and immense floral chandelier bedecked with glittery strings, this stage is really something very much worth seeing. The complexion and light of this stage decoration are unconquerable as well as worth spending every single penny.

Image Source: The Frontier Events

8) Grand Wedding Stage-cum-floral Powerhouse

This Indian wedding decor idea is also utter richness. The winsome stage is set in a red blooming half-circle backdrop with unique candelabras with a fawn couch and chairs which is accompanied by the chandelier ceiling which is made up of immense cascading floral along with no. of floral, light chandelier.

Image Source: Dreamzkraft

9) Minimalism With a Touch of Elegance

The couch with shimmering cushions pervaded just perfectly with the stage backdrop making up for a dreamlike stage decor. Done with vast brass frames embellished with white blooms and green leaves, in addition to this feather carpeted stage with classic terrarium pieces has our hearts too. A simple wedding decoration idea but, what a picturesque beauty!

Image Source: Noor

10) Cast a Spell With White and Golden

With shimmery golden strings, oversized handcrafted flowers, and silver and white hanging adornments, the whimsical aura of this stage is unparalleled. In addition, a simplistic white seating and a few candles along with, nothing else is needed for this magical and classic theme wedding stage decoration.

Fancy Decor Ideas

Image Source: The Dream Wedding Planners

Setting a couch against a floral backdrop on a carpeted stage which is typically red has now bloomed up to be one of the fanciest highlights of D-Day decoration and how! Moreover, from bizarre and minimum quaint ones to huge impressive ones, the vast area of wedding stage decor has a lot to offer and we are all spoiled for choices. Each wedding season our social media timelines are flooded with some fancy decor ideas.