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Here's what they want to convey about themselves "In 2009 Wrapd put up a board saying – Rent a Party Dress. Everything was wrong about Rent a Party dDress. Hidden away in the recesses of Patel Nagar, the location was awful. Patel Nagar was not even a recognised market area! The inventory was minuscule. The idea ahead of its time. What was right about it? The idea. The belief in the idea. The concept. Business above all is not about money but about service. Money is a by product of rendering that service. In the words of a wise man- Profit is the applause for a job well done. Wrapd decided to go for a standing ovation. We grew from obscure Patel Nagar to Lajpat Nagar to Laxmi Nagar and then planted our flag, oops, button at Hyderabad. Its 2018 now, and our physical presence is in 4 states across 6 branches. The journey has just begun".

Additional Info
  • Other Services Offered: Alteration, Undertakes Custom order for Fancy Dresses and Costumes, Home Delivery Across Particular Selected Cities, Rentals
  • Shipment Availability: Delhi/NCR, Hyderabad, Jaipur, and Some Particular Selected Indian Cities


  • Payment Terms: Partial Payment in Advance
  • Payment Method: Credit Card, Debit Card, Cash
  • Cancellation Policy: Non Refundable and Non Adjustable

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Basic Info

Maximum Rental Period: Subject to availability of the outfit and may involve additional chargess
Service Delivery: Delhi/NCR, Hyderabad, Jaipur, and some particular selected Indian cities
Trial Type: Home Delivery
Product Available For: Bride & Groom

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