Weddings are a great opportunity to dress up and freshen up your closet a bit. With new and trending clothes, it is a chance for everyone to try and experiment with new styles. Weddings have been an important traditional affair of the family of every religion for long. With celebrations that have now become larger than life, it is just like a festival for the whole family and the near and dear ones. It becomes a reason to gather and celebrate. When it comes to Indian weddings, there is a lot more to look forward to. With several functions and changing fashion preferences and trends of wedding, special clothes for each event has become a necessity.


These days a lot of importance is given to fashion and styling with pre-decided themes and dress codes. People, who are invited, put in extra effort to find the right and suitable clothing to outcast all the others. This adds in the extra involvement and an aura of happiness and joy in the celebrations, bringing everyone closer. All other things fashion preferences of people even the bride and groom have undergone a big transformation with changing times. It is no more about the stereotypical wedding clothes and jewelry and colors, but it is more about your personality and likeness.

Wedding Fashion Trends

Earlier the fashion trends were very different as compared to now. As weddings were simpler, so were the fashion preferences of the people.

Older Trends


  • Partners dressed up traditionally. It was a suitable time and opportunity to try out the traditional wear according to their culture. India is an amalgamation of cultures and new generations need to adopt it.
  • In a few cultures, it was necessary to wear ancestral jewelry and wedding dress. This showed the inheritance of family culture and keeping it alive within all the members.
  • Most of the functions had a set theme of colors and designs. Few colors which are considered holy and lucky were mostly used. For instance, red was and is still the most common color for a wedding outfit. It symbolizes luck for the new bride and sets her apart from the rest.
  • Earlier, wedding outfits were simpler and less intricate. Most brides wore sarees, with bright colors ad handcrafted designs.
  • For the groom, the wedding outfit was also sober ad traditional. Following the culture, grooms mostly wore dhoti and kurta. Nowadays, the trends have changed for them too.

Most cultures followed the trend of changing into simpler outfits during the main late-night ceremonies. It is still practiced in a few families.

Transforming Trends


Nowadays, as weddings are more about the hype and show, fashion preferences have changed too. People want to wear the most unique clothes. A lot of effort and importance is given to choosing the right clothes. Clothes, which go with the theme, color code and color-matching with the partner. There are new trends and ideas, inspired by social media and trending celebrities. One wishes to make their outfits memorable and steal the show and it is a very special day.

New Trends


  • Floral design Lehengas
  • Pastel colors for wedding outfits
  • Different shades of red for outfits
  • Sherwani with heavy work
  • Partners wearing color-coordinated outfits
  • Special wedding jewelry according to the dress
  • Mixing and matching colors
  • Wearing specially designed outfits for pre-wedding functions. Like yellow for Haldi and theme outfits for other ceremonies
  • Bridesmaids and groom squad wearing the same outfits
  • Having special badges or items for all family members
  • Flower jewelry for pre-wedding functions
  • Outfits that are comfortable and easy to carry

With these changing fashion preferences and trends of wedding, fashion has become an important part of the celebration. There is something new and unique for everyone. For the ones who still need something traditional, ones who need something trendy and comfortable and ones who need something classy that can be used in the future too. There are thousands of options and varieties, with color and designs to choose from and get the most unique, special and memorable outfit according to your theme and likeness.