Wedding is the most important day in a person’s life. Every individual wants his or her wedding day to be perfect. And to make this happen, shopping and planning are started way beforehand. Where there are many people available to help the bride to shop, the groom’s shopping is considered as a last-minute thing. But no that is not the case, shopping for a groom is a priority and so it is necessary to make a list of attires that are needed. Along with the attires you also need to focus on the footwear. It is said that comfortable footwear can take you miles. Therefore, here is some amazing footwear that you can choose from to rock your wedding.

Embroidered Juttis

Juttis are considered as one of the most elegant and classic footwear for the groom. These juttis go amazingly well with sherwani and kurtas. Juttis are available in many colors and designs. But the recent trend demands you to try handmade embroidered juttis from the city of Rajasthan, Jodhpur. 


Velvet Sandals

These sandals provide a royal look because of the softness of the material and the velvety texture. They are perfect for your Indo western outfits. The softness of the material is like a blessing to your feet. These sandals will provide you with absolute comfort in all those long wedding functions.


Peshawari Footwear

These sandals originate from the Peshawar region of Pakistan. But this style has been adopted by many countries and therefore, it is easily available in Indian retailer stores as well as online sites like Amazon, Flipkart, etc.

Peshwari is made of leather and they are a perfect match for your pathani and kurta-pajama.




Loafers are one of the most comfortable footwear. They go well with all the outfits from jeans to sherwani. They have the specialty to adjust themselves to the shape of your feet. These loafers are the go-to footwear for the groom. As the loafers are so much in demand, they are available in different styles and colors. Loafers are also available in traditional as well as western styles.


Kolhapuri Chappals

These are one of the most used footwear by the Indians to wear beneath traditional wear. The open chappals allow airflow along with looking elegant. Kolhapuri Chappals are originated from Kolhapur city of Maharashtra. These chappals are handcrafted by the talented craftsman of the city. These chappals are loved by the grooms for their traditional look. 


Formal Shoes

To complete your formal look classic formal shoes are to the rescue. If you decide to wear a three-piece suit then formal shoes are a compulsion. Available in various designs and colors, they are classic but still appear royal. One of the most bought formal shoe styles is the double silhouette black leather and that footwear is a piece of beauty for all your formal looks.



Mojari and juttis belong to the same family of footwear but still, there is a huge difference between them. They descend from the house of royalty. From the great king Akbar to Salim, everyone preferred mojari. It has a firm base along with a soft curve at the tip. The most famous mojari is available in Delhi, Lucknow, and Rajasthan. The best style of mojari that will suit your wedding attire is the Rajwadi Mojari. 


All these footwear are easily available online. These shoes are available in various ranges. They start from the lowest price of two hundred and can go up to millions depending on the brand you choose. These are the few links from where you can buy them. 

Rajwadi Mojari:


Kolhapuri Chappal: