Footwear For Weddings

Finally something for all of you who cannot stop obsessing over their footwears. And when it’s a wedding, we know how difficult it must get to match every wedding attire with the right pair of shoes. That’s exactly the reason why we are here to give you some evergreen ideas for your footwears for weddings. These pair of shoes will be your go-to footwears at times of hassle. One more thing for sure is you can never go wrong with these all-round footwears for wedding occasions.

Here’s few wedding footwear ideas that are versatile and will never disappoint your ‘shaadi look’:

Golden Stilettoes

Golden Stilettoes are a savior. Period. Bride, Bridesmaids, Guests all of you can choose to go for golden shoes and it will be perfect.  Since most of the wedding dresses for an Indian wedding is generally red, yellow or something shiny or glossy. Golden pair of footwears will go with almost every kind of dress that fits the mentioned category.

Black & White Plain Heels

Some people choose a fairly ‘distinct’ color dresses to wear at weddings like black or white. We have come through the whole ‘black is not auspicious for weddings’ or ‘whites are for mourning’ taboo a long time now. In fact, these two colors have been trending in weddings now. So these two pair of shoes are a ‘Must Haves’ in your shoe collection. You don’t even have to think before slipping into black heels as it is as versatile as gold is. They get along with almost every kind of dresses.

Nude & Neutral Heels

It must look quite similar to Golden stilettoes you must be thinking. But its not. Trust me. So what difference does it really matter? The difference lies with which outfit you pair it with. As you can see, golden footwears are somewhat shiny. Nude on the other hand is glossy and has an understated class to it. The advantage with keeping a nude footwear is it can be worn with not just sarees and lehengas but any kind of dress heavy or light. Traditional jumpsuits, dhoti pants, crop top palazzo, nude heels will complete the look if you’re unsure about which kind of footwear will go with your unconventional dresses.

Shades Of Pink

From all those latest weddings in Bollywood and around us, it looks like the color Blush Pink is in for the long haul. Ladies and girls love the color irrevocably. Whether its a bridal lehenga or any other dresses for weddings, you will always spot the color on at least half the ladies in the room. Pink footwears for weddings works wonders. As it will go with all the light, floral and pastel shaded dresses.


All the Punjabi Kudis out there. Here’s your all time favorite ‘Jooti’. Well, I am not stereotyping, its a favorite for most of the young girls who want to dance till the very last hour of the haldi, mehendi, or sangeet party. Bellies have evolved to be glamorous and chic. They come in all types of designs despite the classic traditional embroidered bellies. For all those who can’t wear heels or don’t want to, bellies are here to save your day.

Glittery bellies to compliment your wedding dresses.


This is my personal favorite, yes. Its easy, pretty and if you are a tall person, it looks cool too. Flat footwear for weddings are not so much preferred unless you’re as obsessed with flats as me. Just Kidding! Comfort should take precedence over glamour any day. And flats do just that.

Even these kinds of flats in a multicolored pattern will work for you quite well. Having a touch of sequins or stone studs in the flat footwears will pull the look off very well.


There you go. Your ultimate guide book to all the footwears you will ever need to complete your wedding ensemble. These footwear for weddings will be your shining armor to a flawless wedding trousseau. Hope you find this useful and tell us which type of footwears best suit you. Enjoy shopping your full-proof footwear for weddings that will quite literally never go wrong.