Return gifts are the best way to thank all the guests and relatives who attended your wedding. They also act as a small souvenir of your wedding. You can have your wedding date printed on them along with your names or initials. So, when it comes to returning gifts, you need to make sure that you’re choosing them wisely.

Giving sweets or dry fruits in the form of return gifts is too mundane and boring. You need to think something out-of-the-box. Here are 7 ideas of return gifts that you can go through:

  • Silver or Brass Cutlery

If you’re planning to have a royal wedding, make sure that the return gift you provide your guests too looks royal. You can also get your wedding date printed on them along with your initials. You can easily find such cutlery on Snapdeal for worth Rs. 249/- each.

  • Mini earthern pots

These will definitely look exquisite and exotic. You can gift your guests these mini earthen pots with your wedding date and your initials painted over it. You can easily find some on Mora Taara for worth Rs. 290/- each.

  • Pashmina Shawls

If you’re planning your wedding in the winter, this is the best pick for you. You can gift your guests Pashmina shawls. It will be a hit as no one forgets a person who gifts Pashmina at their wedding. You can get Pashmina shawls on Snapdeal for worth Rs. 552/- each.

  • Seeds

Go organic on your wedding and gift seeds to your guests. Not only it is the most eco-friendly and nature-loving option but it will also symbolize your deep-rooted love for them. You can easily find packets of seeds on Nursery Live for worth Rs.  195/- each.

  • Mini toiletries

This will be the most sophisticated choice for you. You can gift a set of tiny lotion, body mists, and other fragrant items to your guests. You’ll find such mini traveler kits at Soul Tree for worth Rs. 630/- each.

  • Miniature Alcohol Sets

This one will be a super memorable gift and super cool one as well. A miniature set of spirits will definitely leave your guests ecstatic. Try not gifting it to elders as it might get super weird. Also, you never know when they might gulp it down directly.

  • Hangover Kit

Now, if you’re intoxicating your guests with all that alcohol at your wedding, you should also provide them something to get over that hangover. The hangover kits will definitely be handy for them. You can get on created for yourself.

We really hope that you try any of these whacky ideas when considering return gifts. They’ll be hit among your guests.