scruffy beard

People usually take pains to be at their best during a wedding. Some couples don matching outfits just to showcase their great their impressive grooming skills. One of the most noticeable features of your man is the beard. Before thinking of the outfits, first, make sure that your man has a great looking beard for the ceremony. Considering men’s known aversion for beauty products and grooming, you should take the initiative to ensure your man looks sharp.

How to Get Rid of Scruffy Beard and Get a Classy Look:

There are various beard products you can easily get your man.

scruffy beard

1) Beard Oil

This is a product that’s shouldn’t be left out of the beard grooming set. Beard oil is a combination of carrier oils (90%) and essential oils (10%). Men experience itching that is caused by the reduction in natural oils (sebum) as the hair follicles push through the skin. Beard oil supplements these natural oils and plays a big part is reducing itching. When the beard isn’t well groomed it tends to become dry and flaky and can lead to beardruff. Beard oil has moisturizing and softening abilities, which are vital in getting rid of beardruff. To learn how to use beard oil read this guide.

2) Beard Balm

Most beard balms out there are a combination of these four ingredients: beeswax, carrier oils, essential oils and butter. All of these ingredients have properties that are beneficial to your man’s facial hair. Carrier oils soften the beard, essential oils give it a pleasant fragrance, butter ensures that the balm spread to all areas of the beard and lastly beeswax locks in the moisture provided by the other ingredients. Beard balm is also instrumental in getting rid or beardruff, a condition similar to dandruff.

3) Beard Brush/Beard Comb

scruffy beard

Beard brush or beard comb? Both are instrumental in achieving a great beard. If you’re going to get your man a comb, get a wooden one. It is durable and stays for a long time if well taken care of and the polished, wide teeth glide between beard hairs easily and helps spread beard and balm oil to all areas. Most beard brushes are made of animal hair (horse or hair). A beard brush removes dirt and bacteria that may have accumulated between the facial hairs during the day. It also straightens and styles facial hairs to achieve the look that your man desires. Beard brushes and combs come in various designs.

4) Beard Shampoo/Wash

As for cleaning, facial hair should be treated like any other part of the body. The greatest strength of this product is that it is specifically designed for the beard. It has tremendous benefits. Unlike conventional shampoos, a beard wash doesn’t strip facial hair off natural oils or leave it dry once used. If a beard is not well taken care of, it becomes dry and flaky leading to the dreaded beardruff. Perhaps the most important function of beard wash is that it gets rid of contaminants, dirt and flakes on the facial hair and keeps away beardruff.It also moisturizes, hydrates and softens the beard. This ensures that the beard is smooth and soft, making it easy to comb and spread oils(beard oil and balm) evenly.

5) Face Wash and Shave Cream

scruffy beard

A natural shave cream is a must-have for your bearded man. Experts insist that it has to be a natural one, which doesn’t lather. This is primarily because ingredients in lather cause irritation to the skin after shaving. A shave cream takes the role of a lubricant, where it creates a layer of protection between the beard and the skin thus making it easier to shave and reducing irritation thereafter. It also moistens the beard making them easier to cut. On the other hand, a natural face wash made of ingredients like olive oil, aloe-vera, jojoba oil and charcoal is also vital. It gets rid of bacteria, protects the skin from sun damage and hydrates the beard/skin.

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In order to maintain a particular look that your man likes, a trimmer or a pair of scissors is necessary. Some stray hairs grow on the cheeks or above the Adam’s apple. Some patches or facial hair are uneven. A trimmer/scissor enables your man to get rid of these stray hairs and shape the beard. For different ideas on how to shape his beard just get him to have a look at famous drinkers in history.

Getting ready for a wedding ceremony requires couples to look great. An attractive beard might be what is needed to make your man stand out. Luckily enough, there are products and techniques designed to get rid of the scruffy beard and make your bearded man look classy.