As weddings grow bigger and people grow fonder of beauty and presentation, efforts have increased too. People put all their heart and soul in making their weddings unique and memorable. Being the special day, it not only holds importance for both the partners but also for all their family members. From the parents, siblings, friends, and relatives all have their share of what they want for each other’s big day. With planning and setting everything perfectly, achieving the goals of your dream outfit is a tricky task. With every growing variety and changing trends, it can be difficult to catch up at times.

Along with the outfit, both the bride and the groom have to take care of a lot of things. It includes their footwear, their accessories, and makeup. One very important aspect of a bride’s outfit is jewelry. Jewelry for the big day as well as for all the pre-wedding and post-wedding functions. This is another task where a bride needs to invest a lot of time, money, and effort. There are so many options, social media sites, and celebrities all over the internet that can influence your choices.


Amid the confusion, one category that can never go out of style is the floral jewelry. Flowers provide the perfect combination of colors, vibrancy, freshness, and elegance. An array of beautiful flowers stringed together to make a neck piece or a bracelet can provide an entirely exclusive look with your traditional or western outfit. With transforming fashion knowing about a few gorgeous floral jewelry designs that you need to pin down for your wedding is an important need of the hour, if you are planning to tie the knot soon.

Floral Jewelry Designs for Weddings

Jewelry Ideas for Brides


  • Bracelet with rings
  • Tiaras
  • Kaleere
  • Headband
  • Payal
  • Mang Tika
  • Nose Ring
  • Necklace and Choker
  • Earrings
  • Hairband
  • Big Rings
  • Foot Rings
  • Back Veils

Jewelry Designs for Brides

Color Play


Floral jewelry can have a wide range of variations including design and color. Few brides want to get an elegant look with the use of single or monochromatic color. The flowers used might or might not match the color shade of the outfit.

Playing around with different colors of roses, carnations, orchids, and others might talk about individual personality traits. Each color has a different meaning and feeling attached to it. Similar is the case when different color flowers are used to make a jewelry set. Like red roses collide with the color of a married woman, which is considered lucky and a sign of prosperity. Yellow is again a color symbolizing brightness and liveliness of celebrations as well as the new phase which is about to start.

Use of rare colors like violet, pastel shades of pink, green also brings a new touch denoting a special meaning along with it.

Variety of Flowers


Along with color, mix-matching the variety of flowers is another way to have a unique piece of floral jewelry. Playing with variations of different color roses, orchids, carnations, jasmine, and tuberose for the jewelry sets including neckpieces, mang tikas, rings, earrings, and all other items of the whole bridal set can turn out to be really interesting. It might be made up of artificial flowers to add more intricate designs.

Minimal Floral Work


When brides want to use flowers to add the touch of raw elegance, freshness, and natural beauty in their look, it can be done mixed with other jewelry sets. Nowadays, most brides are up for experimentation, leading to the addition of something unique and exclusive in their looks.

This combination of artificial or authentic jewelry items along with floral sets like mang tikas, rings, hand bands, headbands, etc. can help to add an interesting element in the whole bridal look, providing gorgeous floral jewelry designs that you need to pin down for your wedding.