Baraat is one of the most awaited moments of any Indian wedding! There is party, camaraderie, and an enthusiastic groom on his way to meet the love of his life. It’s the moment when the groom comes with the whole band-baaja-baraat sitting on his ghodi, on the doorstep of the mandap, to marry the love of his life. 

Sure, tradition says you’re supposed to come in on a horse, but we’re recommending a little more swag. So, here are some quirky new ideas that you can try to make a dramatic entry to your wedding.

1. On An ATV

If you’re getting a beach wedding, you should hire an ATV for a special groom entry and let the crowd create some noise at your entrance. This amazing idea can be fixed with some fireworks, and it encourages you to adopt this great idea of entry and amazes everyone in the room. It is so masculine and cool.


2. On A Motorbike

If you’re obsessed with bikes and in love with them, add that to your entrance and make that awesome. Offer your bike a wedding makeover and get ready to rock and roll your baarat with this groom entry concept. Moreover, it is one of India ‘s latest and very successful groom entry ideas. Besides that, enter with some epic music in the background and you’re bound to give goosebumps to the guests.


3. On A Segway

This totally awesome method of entering your own wedding would make the audiences amazed by it. For instance, Bipasha Basu ‘s husband entered on the Segway, and it seems like a really good concept. Besides that, you should add some dhol and nagadas music to it. So, you are going to reach the mandap in total style and pride. 


4. A Ride With A Sidecar

This is another interesting idea you may like to try. The groom will ride in a sidecar while someone else who can be his best friend or brother can drive a scooter. Take this off like Jai and Veeru, and let them all go gaga with it. For example, this is Krunal Pandya and his brother Hardik Pandya, who set some serious brotherhood goals with this film-like entry. This is going to be the ultimate “Munnabhai MBBS” scene. The icing on the cake is going to be entering to one of the Munnabhai movie songs.


5. On A Vintage Car

If you have that old soul, classy vibe going on, and love all vintage stuff, then maybe this is the perfect groom entry idea for you. Most importantly, the style of vintage vehicles is never wrong! They’ve got the charm and lavish vibes of vintage themes that can work wonders at your wedding entrance. Instead of the usual black or white, enter in a bright antique car to make a point. However, if you are more like James Bond type, you may also hire the 1985 Alfa Romeo Spider. 


6. On A Rikshaw

Another interesting and special concept for groom entry is to ride an auto or a rickshaw. When a groom enters riding a rickshaw, it looks so funky and enjoyable. Most importantly, do not forget to decorate your car with flowers to get a grand wedding feel. You could just make it as funky as you like. Accompany the entry with a song f Thalaivar and you’re free to go!


7. On An Elephant

Forget the old practice of entering on a Ghodi. We see more and more grooms choosing to enter on an elephant instead of a horse. Nothing looks bigger than getting in on this majestic animal! It is going to make you look no less than a King. Just make sure the elephant’s trained properly and the mahout’s fine.