accessories for Indian grooms

The bride puts in a lot of effort to look her ravishing best on her wedding day. From exploring distant places to find the perfect dress to shopping for days to get the earrings right, she does everything to shine the brightest on her big day. As her groom to be, how can you not compliment her efforts? And when someone says grooms need no grooming, they can’t be more wrong. There are a whole lot of ways in which you can enhance your ‘Dulha‘ look. Here is: 

5 Best Accessories for Indian Grooms

Here is a list of few accessories for Indian grooms that will not only boost your appearance but will also have a positive effect on your charm and charisma.

Sarpech or Kalgi

accessories for Indian grooms

According to Indian myths and stories, the turban is called the ‘Shaan‘ of a man. We would call the ‘Kalgi’, the ‘Shaan’ of the turban then. It surely completes the look of your turban with a bling which makes it on a top among our accessories for Indian grooms. This charm adds a royal touch to your entire look. For your wedding day, go for an embellished Kalgi or one with the beautiful feather on it. Both of them enhance your look in their own unique ways.


accessories for Indian grooms

What’s more perfect than a watch? Among all the accessories to grooming your look, a watch is definitely the most powerful one and if you are planning to buy a watch, now will be a good time to invest in one. A watch is one of the most classic accessories a man can sport and most importantly, this won’t be one of those things which remains unused for the rest of your life. So, a nice watch complementing your wedding attire is a must.


accessories for Indian grooms

Yes, you read it right. It’s not only for the bride to invest in all those jewels. Neckpieces can make the style statement for the Indian groom too. No matter if you are going for a sherwani or a Jodhpuri suit, neckpieces looks best on most of the Indian attires. The only thing you will have to work on is to match it up properly to compliment it with your dress. You can go for a heavy beaded necklace with multiple strings if your attire isn’t overly embellished, or wear a single string of pearls along with some colored semi-precious stones. 

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accessories for Indian grooms

If you are not someone who is comfortable wearing a long neckpiece then you can go for a studded brooch. Brooches look very elegant, stylish, and go with almost every attire, whether western or traditional. You can colour match the brooch with the dress of your bride or choose a design that complements your own attire for a more captivating look. If you think there were no accessories to groom your tuxedo, we just mentioned one!


accessories for Indian grooms

Well, you don’t need to dwell on the importance of footwear in determining your overall personality. The statement goes a but truer for all the grooms out there. Your dress up is not complete without some fancy complementing footwears to go with your attire. So Juti is one of the key accessories for Indian grooms and undoubtedly, happens to be the best of all. You just need to coordinate them according to your look for the big day. You can choose from a different range of Juttis such as Salim-Shahi or Mojris. You can even get them custom made for you and wear them with aplomb. However, remember to wear them a few times before the big day to break into them as you might feel uncomfortable spending hours in something you are not very familiar with.

Don’t go lazy over your wedding preparations, it’s the very occasion that allows you to dress up like a king, once in your lifetime! Look for all the accessories to groom your look, and pick the best ones! 




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